Consider "a little friendly to the earth". Everyone's ECO Life!

Solar clock that can be charged with sunlightQ & Q SmilesolarConsider "a little kindness to the earth". What is everyone practicing any "eco things"? First2This time, the illustratorWALNUTI asked Mr..

Eco-friend Q & A

The illustrator Walnut will tell about "Eco things" practiced.

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Then start a question immediately!

Q1. What is the eco-friendly thing?

I love eco-bags that collaborated with and 's stainless steel bottle. When the bottle is excellent in the heat retention, the eco bag can be compactly carried.

Q2. I wanted to start it
Because it is not possible to use a registration bag!

Q3. Tips to enjoy eco things
I am using my favorite design!

Q4. What do you think about Smile Solar?

It's very light and tough, so I want to go to various places. A little toy design is also playful!

WALNUT Try watching the design of the design

With your favorite design, eco activities are more fun! Walnut 's "Eco". It is very nice. I will try to practice.