Series 001

The theme of the design is socks that can be glimpsed from the hem of the pants.

Limited Collection

Limited edition models announced at the 87th Pitti Immagine Uomo in Firenze Italy!

The Great Men
Limited Collection

Five greats in history, portraits of Shakespeare, Napoleon, Newton, Darwin and Galileo, and their sayings are printed in monotone bands. All the words chosen are related to time.

Limited Collection

Italian fashion brand "LEITMOTIV (Light Motif)" appeared as a unique accessory to complete the style of the Fall/Winter 2015 collection.

Limited Collection

Among endangered wild animals, Nigerian giraffes, snow leopards, mindro crocodiles, Grebi zebras, Sumatran tigers, mcjacks, burdin python patterns and their silhouettes are arranged graphically, respectively.

Limited Collection

Limited pair model released in 2017. When the patterns on the back of the two bands are combined, a Christmas tree appears.


Peanuts (number)
Limited Collection

This is a triple collaboration limited edition model of BRAVE BLOSSOMS, Japan's national rugby team, which continues to take on challenges for the world, and Peanuts, which is popular among children and adults around the world.

Series 007

2018 BASELWORLD's first limited-edition model.The strap is made of special polyester made from recycled PLASTIC bottles, and the bezel is made of a sustainable resin made from cotton called acetate resin.

Mini Series 004

Among the countries supported by TABLE FOR TWO, the strap features patterns inspired by ethnic costumes (native dresses) from Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and the Philippines.

20BAR Series 001

We propose a chic shade that can be matched even in formal scenes such as wearing a suit while being sporty.

20BAR Series 002

Designed with the image of "For enjoying the sports".