About order method

We will contact you by email from this site.
Depending on the setting of the email, it may be distributed to the spam mail folder. Also, if you are using a mobile phone carrier email address, set the distribution domain "@cytizen.co.jp" to receive.

1. Shopping cart
Add your desired product to the shopping cart on the product page. Check the contents of the shopping cart, agree to the "Terms of Service" and "Published items based on the Personal Information Protection Law", check and proceed to the purchase procedure.

2. Contact / delivery destination
If you have registered as a member, log in with your email address and password. If you register as a member, you can receive the provision of campaign information and the other benefits specified by the Company separately.
Enter the contact email address and delivery destination information and proceed to the delivery method.

3. Delivery method
Normal delivery is free.
Proceed to payment.

4. Payment
If you have a coupon code, enter it.
If the payment address of the payment method is different from the delivery destination, enter the billing address and proceed to confirm the order.

5. Order confirmation
You will receive a confirmation email of your order. You can also download the PDF of the receipt from the link.

About payment

[Credit card payment]

You can use Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express. This site introduces 3D security services.
* Cards that do not support 3D secure services cannot be settled on this site. Please contact the card company to see if the selected card is compatible with 3D security services.

What is 3D security service?
If you use a credit card in the "3D Secure Service", you will be authenticated with the "password you only know" in addition to the information listed on the credit card. Therefore, it is possible to prevent unauthorized use such as "spoofing" by plagiarism of credit card information.

3D security service registration method
The "3D Secure Service" has a registration page for each credit card company issued.

Visa Secure
MasterCard ID Check
JCB J/Secure
American Express Safeky 

[Amazon Pay]

A service that allows you to settle the Amazon account with your registered account information.
You can use "credit card information" and "delivery address" registered in the Amazon account.
* Delivery destination can be specified only in Japan.
Amazon PayWhat is

[Career payment]

This is a payment method that is added to the mobile phone usage fee.
You can easily pay simply by entering your ID / password or password.

This is a SoftBank payment service that allows you to pay the price such as shopping as a monthly mobile phone.
Softbank collectively paymentWhat is

This is a docomo payment service that can be used for online shopping and can accumulate d points and use it.
D paymentWhat is 

au Easy Payment is a service that allows you to pay the products purchased on your smartphone or PC using your au ID.
au simple settlementWhat is

Refund policy

We cannot accept returns and exchanges of good products due to customer's convenience. Please understand.
If a product that is different from your order arrives or has a bad product, within 8 days of deliveryinquiryplease.

Regarding delivery

shipping fee is free.
It will usually be shipped within one business day.
We do not ship on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Please note that we may take a long time off, such as the year -end and New Year holidays, Golden Week, and Obon.
You can check the delivery status from the shipping company's luggage inquiry service with "Inquiry Inquiry Inquiry No." to be notified by e -mail.
Delivery is limited to Japan only.
We have refused to stay at a hotel or inn for temporarily staying at a hotel or an airport.
The delivery company cannot be specified.
If we have a natural disaster, transportation accident, or other unavoidable circumstances, we will not be liable for any liability.

About warranty

If it breaks down within the one -year warranty period, it will be replaced free of charge. In addition, even if the warranty period has passed, it may be possible to exchange for a fee.inquiryplease.
* Please note that the same product may be equivalent depending on the stock status.

About membership registration

No enrollment fee or annual membership fee is required. Member registrationIf you do, you can receive the provision of campaign information and other benefits specified by the Company separately.
My pageThen you can check the order history and change the delivery destination registration.
If you forget your passwordLoginPlease reset from "Do you forget your password?"
If you are withdrawninquiryplease.

About recommended browser

In order to use this service comfortably, we recommend using the following browser.
・ Google Chrome
・ Safari
・ Mozilla Firefox

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