About smile solar

Time for everyone.

That means you want to be a clock that is easy to use anywhere, anytime, anywhere.

So Q & Q smilesur's clock all

"Solar power" water proof "Light & Light"

Has three big features.

Solar power
Turn light into energy

Equipped with "ring solar" that can be charged with sunlight and fluorescent light.

It is not necessary to exchange the battery or connect the cable at home. "Maintenance free" clock
If you are surrounded by what you need to charge
If you use it once, this open feeling should be sick.

It is a minimal product that made the extra thing free as much as it wants to enjoy only "time".

Water proof
Sudden heavy rain

Because I want you to smile for any time
The Q & Q smilesur clock is all waterproof.
When you go to the ocean or the mountain, go to the outdoor music festival
You can always wear it anywhere, anytime.

It's okay when a sudden heavy rain has fallen.
It doesn't take time to remove the housework.

In addition, because it is made tough so that it cannot be imagined from casual appearance, it is OK even if it is full of vigor.

Light & Light
I have no feeling of being bound

Q & Q smilesur's clock is anyway light!
What is that light?

It is so light and stressful. Unlike the various products that add a lot of features, it is a simple function that carefully selected only what is necessary.

Why don't you enjoy the clock which is only time?