If the watch changes,
A person's lifestyle also changes.

If you wear a chic watch, you'll get a lot of energy for work, and if it's a colorful watch, you'll want to take a walk.
A light and tough watch makes you want to go out to the sea or the mountains.

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It makes me want to change tomorrow a little bit
Active and positive watch.

On that day, according to the mood at that time,
Your Lifestyle

To the more fun,
Why don't you feel free to change it a little?

Turn light into energy.

Because it can be charged with sunlight and fluorescent lamps, No battery replacement required.

I don't care if it's sudden heavy rain.

Because it is resistant to water, when enjoying outdoor leisure,There is no need to remove it when doing housework.

There is no feeling of being tied up.

The lightness is what two mini tomatoes. Whether you're wearing it for a long time or playing sports It is hard to feel tired and comfortable. (Average about 25g)


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