filled with various thoughts "If

filled with smiles, the world will be better.
Through this watch, Q&Q SmileSolar was born in 2013 with the idea of those who want to make people smile and make the world a happy place."

As the name says, "smile" is important. It's a clock, but I want to be like a
happy, not just something that tells me the time.
And as a watch brand, I want to tell you that time is equal for everyone in the world.

Because there is time, it creates a sharpness in daily life, and
of time, minutes, and seconds spent together with people around you. I would
be happy if everyone in the world could feel more of the richness that "time" creates.

As we live in this day and age, we are surrounded by a
we want to do and things we have to do, so we are busy anyway.
Therefore, I think that time feels like a scary existence that hunts me down.

But it's not. I think time is not a way to bind us, but
a supporter who enriches our lives.

"Time to work hard", "Time to be fuzzy", "Time to play with friends", "Time to talk with family", etc.
Depending on the time, I will edit and direct today and tomorrow like myself.
If you like time, you will love life more. I hope that through Q&Q
SmileSolar, people will have more time to smile.

The idea that watches are pure white canvases

Q&Q SmileSolar,
that it actively collaborates with numerous artists and companies.

that transcends the boundaries of watches.

For that reason, we are conscious of the idea that the clock is a pure white canvas.
We have built up the know-how of watch making for a
alone, we can't create a watch for a new era.
So at Q&Q SmileSolar, we
and free perspectives of people from completely different genres.

What do you like or are interested in? If you like, please let us know.
Maybe the watch is what you love and want to recommend to everyone?

Even today, we are having fun chatting about
are addicted to these days and which companies are wonderful.