If you don't solve it here, you can be very light.Contact usplease.

Q. Is there any charge for shipping?

A. No.The service is free of charge for the national shipping service in Japan.

Q. How long will you arrive?

A. Normally, we will ship it from two to five days.You can confirm the delivery status by the carrier's baggage inquiry service at the "contact invoice No.", which is sent to you when you send it out.

Q. Can I ship anything other than my home?

A. Yes.When you register, you can register additional addresses on my page.
However, we have been able to refuse accommodation or delivery to the airport for the temporary stay of hotels, ryokan and other facilities.

Q. Can I ship overseas?

A. No.Delivery is limited to Japan within the country.

Q. Would you like to wrap it up?

A. No.I can't accept a wrapping.

Q. I don't have a credit card, but can I pay for the discount or the bank transfer?

A. No.Substituto or bank transfer is not available.
Use the credit card (VISA Mastercard American Express) Shop Pay Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Q. Will you issue a receipt?

A. Yes.You can download a PDF of the receipt from your order confirmation email.

Q. No confirmation emails will be available.

A. Your order confirmation email will be automatically sent to you after you order. Please make sure that you are not classified as a nuisance mail folder.
Please set the delivery domain "@citizen.co. jp" to be able to receive the phone carrier email address.
If you can't reach your email after a few days, I'm not sure you're in trouble.Contact usplease.

Q. Can I cancel?

A. No.You will not be able to cancel or change your order.

Q. Can I return and exchange returns?

A. No.You will not be able to receive a return or exchange for your convenience.
If there was a product difference or a bad situation, within eight days of the delivery,Contact usplease.

Q. I forgot my password.

A.login Please reset your password from "Forget your password?"