If you don't solve it here, feel free toinquiryplease.

Q. Will it cost a postage?

A. no. We will deliver free shipping nationwide free of charge.

Q. When will it arrive?

A. It will usually be shipped within one business day. We do not ship on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Please note that we may take a long time off, such as the year -end and New Year holidays, Golden Week, and Obon.
If you ship it, you can confirm the delivery status from the luggage inquiry service of the shipping company with the "Inquiry Inquiry Somede No." to be notified by e -mail.

Q. Can I deliver it outside of my home?

A. yes. Is possible.
However, we have refused to stay in accommodation and airports for temporary stay at hotels and inns.

Q. Can I deliver overseas?

A. no. Delivery is limited to Japan.

Q. I don't have a credit card, can I pay by cash on delivery or bank transfer?

A. no. If you do not have a credit card, you can use "AmazonPay" and "Career Payment".

Q. Can you give me a gift?

A. yes. It is not possible to accept wrapping, but a shopping bag (free) that can be used for gifts as a standard service is included, and the price is not displayed in the delivery note. It can also be delivered directly by specifying the delivery destination.
* Please note that the design, specifications and appearance of shopping bags may be changed without notice.

Q. Can you issue a receipt?

A. yes. You can download the receipt PDF from the confirmation email of your order.

Q. We do not receive confirmation emails for your order.

A. The confirmation email of the order contents will be automatically sent immediately after ordering. Please check if it is not distributed to the spam mail folder.
If you are using a mobile phone carrier email address, set the distribution domain "@Cityzen.co.jp" so that you can receive it.
If your registered email address is an email address of each mobile phone carrier, we may not receive an email due to spam mailing, etc., so we recommend other than your carrier email address.
If you do not receive the email after a few days, please do soinquiryplease.

Q. Can I cancel?

A. no. We cannot accept cancellations or changes of your order.

Q. Is it possible to return or exchange?

A. no. We cannot accept returns or exchanges due to customer reasons.
If there are differences or defects, within 8 days of deliveryinquiryplease.

Q. I forgot my password.

A.Login Please reset from "Do you forget your password?"

Q. Can you pick up the real thing and see it?

A. yes.On -time Move (Move)We sell in.

Q. I would like to see the instruction manual.

A. Click here for operation explanations and specificationsoperating instructionsPlease refer to the.
Click here for championoperating instructionsPlease refer to the.