Everyday and Non-Daily Longing-Everybody Active Life-

Charge with sun light, light and strong Q & Q Smilesolar watch. I should surely look for people who enjoy life activities. That's why I like to go out, like to go out, like "active life", like sport, like to work outside. In the active life of such people, just a little bit of a little bit. I also asked about the attractiveness of the active life, and I also heard that I tried wearing Q & Q Smilesolar!

This time, about the Active Life of Graphic Designer Kitagawa.

Graphic Designer Kitagawa

Mr. Kitagawa, who is working with CD jacket, cafe logo production, solo exhibition DM production. Besides work, we are facing design daily, such as producing individual art works. A work that contains a view to meet daily as a camera and converts the emotions and memories of that time to a graphic, a beautiful and very sparkling impression.

A number of beautiful works that stock the wood leak date and summer nights into photos and convert to another cutchee. Which scenery is also important memories.

Well, how is the Active Life of Mr. Kitagawa?


Feels out of everyday for more and more scenic scenery

Mr. Kitagawa:I like to get on a bicycle, and I often go out of my day. It is because I became a member of the bicycle again and I was taken to the person who has been upset, and it is an opportunity to cyclically cyclic. Of course the exhilarating feeling running through beautiful views, I felt "non-daily life" in the area where the sea, mountains, and the road of the Mountain, and the Colocolo change. I remember that I was very moved by the experience I did not feel at the time of the child.

Mr. Kitagawa:Why did you feel like that now? Surely, it may be because it is often in the same view with only desk work. Get on a bike and step on your pedal with your feet. Go ahead and go ahead, the speed will soon become scenic. A strange feeling that the narrow world is open at once just by riding a bicycle. That time is very fun and it will be a habit.

Mr. Kitagawa:I have run from Tokyo to Kamakura. I was really tired, but the water and rice are really delicious. It is great because I can do so moving experience with one bicycle. It is fun to think that "How are you going next?"


| Taking the sun's day, my heart is also charged

Finally, I asked what I tried using Q & Q Smilesolar.

Mr. Kitagawa:I really like going out with a bicycle or take a walk. If you take the sunshine, it will be fine. Q & Q Smilesolar also heard that it can charge with sunlight. "Together with me" and a little close sense (laughs) From now on, I would like to enjoy cycling this watch.

Mr. Kitagawa wearingLook at the watch

in conclusion

What active life do you enjoy? It would be nice if you plus free watch Q & Q Smilesolar, which can be charged with light and water strongly with sunlight.
Well, what kind of active life can you meet next time .... looking forward to!