Consider "a little friendly to the earth". Everyone's ECO Life!

Solar Watch Q & Q Smilesolar, which can be charged with sunlight, think about "a little friendly to the earth". What is everyone practicing any "eco things"? The third time I asked Tarout of the illustrator.

Eco-friend Q & A

Tarout of the illustrator who teaches about "Eco things" practiced.

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Then start a question immediately!

Q1. What did you think about what you wanted to practice and what to do?

Use my bottle. There are many people who use my bottle around, and those who take advantage of such points as well as work will be more likely to practice naturally.

Q2. How did you practice practicing?
The amount of dust to be discarded decreased. I realize that a small stack is important!

Q3. What is the tips for enjoying Eco?
The best recommendation is working with friends. "I was able to buy only a plastic bottle until last month," I have a friend who laughs, and it is likely to continue.

Q4. What do you want to work in the future?
Last year, I bought a piano and a sewing machine, but I'm hot and I'm hot, and since the sewing machine is (laughs), I would like to remember the sewing machine this year!

Q5. What do you think about Smile Solar?

When you tried a smartwatch, charging has been the most popular, but smile solar charging does not feel very attractive.
Also, collaboration watch I designed is a male friend and uke is a good surprise. I'm glad if you can enjoy it from children to adults!

Tarout View the watch for design


With friends, eco activities should be more fun. I would like to practice good things and good things from small things. Tarout's "Eco". It is very nice. I will try to practice.