Q & Q A trip to find a T-shirt that looks good for Smilesolar! Vol. 3

Speaking of the standard item of summerTshirt. Here, to explore the possibility of a combination of a watch that suits such summer necessities,Q & Q SmilesolarApply to the watchTTo travel a shirt search. I want to enjoy this summer from old hand shop and select shop in TokyoTWith a shirtQ & Q SmilesolarWe will investigate the combination of watches!

What clock should be matched to the T-shirt found with QUI where new brands are aligned?

This time, discover T-shirts with which holds selecting a new and intensive fashion brand! Japan's fashion, culture is sent out next!


Then I immediately coordinate the T-shirt and Q & Q Smilesolar Clock I found at !

Fluorescent Pink Enjoying Summer Street Fashion!

First of all, the T-shirt of . A street feeling, a POP design that shines in summer is attractive!

Such a T-shirt combines his Matching Style002 of Q & Q Smilesolar. A shine pink color fits well with T-shirt design!

Watch: Matching STYLE002 (RP29-007)
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Brown t together with the beige of the same color

Next, T-shirt that has been embroidered with one brush. It is an easy-to-use design in Unisex. Also, because it is over-size, it seems to enjoy a wide range of wearing!

In such a T-shirt, match the beige of Q & Q Smilesolar Series 004. Even in the same synonymic color, it is not too familiar by choosing a bright color, and it is not too familiar, and the coordination is positive.

Watch: Series 004 (PR10-013)
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Do you enjoy summer Corde with any T-shirt and watch combination? Clock also changes with accessories. Please enjoy this summer T-shirt style and enjoy it!