New food, value, seeking time-Everyone's Active Life-

Charge with sun light, light and strong in waterQ & Q SmilesolarClock. I should surely look for people who enjoy life activities. That's why I like to go out, like to go out, like "active life", like sport, like to work outside. In the active life of such people, just a little bit of a little bit. I will tell you about the attractiveness of the active life,Q & Q SmilesolarI also heard that I tried to wear it!

This time, about the shop of Yakaya Yakaya , Watanabe's Active Life.

Oyoge Store Watanabe

"You don't have to eat it." Born with such a free ideas . Sewage, horse mackerel and clams are baked on top of the iron plate.

Oyoge Roppongi
Tokyo Kono Ward Roppongi 7-13-10 Tomas Building 1st floor 102

Well, how is the Active Life of Watanabe?

Catch delicious food and cross the sea

Mr Watanabe:There are also food people, often visiting and visiting a delicious food. Before the new coronavirus was prevalent, I was doing well to Italy, Spain. In Italy, I have been training of cooking. It was a very valuable experience that you can study cooking surrounded by a real chef.

A piece of Italian training. Commemorative shooting with colleagues's cock!

Mr Watanabe:Exchange with local people is the best of travel. It is always amazing to a completely different value. In Italy, who had been staying for a long time, there were many optimistic and hilarious people, and there were various discoveries that they were playing different from Japanese people. Seeing in various perspectives, I want to enjoy life at my pace. It may also be connected to "Bakaya no Bakiya" .

Mr Watanabe:In Japan, I went to Okinawa. Of course, the encounter between ingredients and local people, but also when it is fun to spend it surrounded by nature! For me who spends every day in Tokyo, there is a non-daily world in Okinawa. Sometimes I feel strongly to refresh away from everyday life.

Bag the beautiful sea of ​​Okinawa!


Smile Watch in OYOGE Collaboration

Mr Watanabe:At the time of a trip, I often do sightseeing, marine sports, and actively active. That's why I would like to choose something that you can wear it without hesitation and enjoys the feeling that makes me feel comfortable. Q & Q Smailesolar watches are casual designs and casual designs, so I would like to support me who wants to enjoy it. Items that share their journey will also be a memorable item. At any time, I thought that this watch that is easy to acquire in any scene, I thought that I could share various times.

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in conclusion

What active life do you enjoy? It would be nice if you plus free watch Q & Q Smilesolar, which can be charged with light and water strongly with sunlight.
Well, what kind of active life can you meet next time .... looking forward to!