What happens when adding playfulness to the clock? 10 questions to listen to Papier Tigre! Part II

Papier Tigre, a stationary brand born in France. Playful design and color scheme products are popular. A collaboration watch with Papier Tigre is finally on sale! Here, I asked a designer in Paris, France, who was involved in the production. Introducing collaboration watches in the previous and second part. This time is the second part. I will dig deeper about the collaboration watch.

The first part of Q1 ~ Q5, Papier Tigre's deep digging and collaboration.
A stationery shop makes a clock! ? Ask 10 questions to ask Papier Tigre! [Part 1]I Read.


Q6. What are the points you want to pay attention to in the collaboration watch?


On the clock belt, the pattern of the masking tape developed by Papier Tigre is designed. We choose the most popular design among Papier Tigre masking tape. I think Papier Tigre fans will be particularly pleased.


Q7. Products of playful Papier Tigre. What kind of playfulness did this collaboration watch add?


In addition to adopting the masking tape pattern on the belt, the combination of color like Papier Tigre is also a point. I think that it became a watch that would make it fun just to wear it, and that would make you want to match various coordination.


Q8. Are there any consciousness in design?


The graphic design does not disturb the function of "clock = tool to read time". The dial design is simple to make it easier for small children to read. On top of that, as a fashion item, I aimed for an accent that fits any style, does not get in the way, but claims well.

Q9. This time, a set of watches and notebooks will appear as a special product. What do you want users to enjoy with this set?


Now, it is a convenient era where you can check your time with your smartphone, take notes, and digitally anything. But we believe that there is fun and joy that can only be felt by analog. Feeling the flow of time realistically, the warmth of paper, and the fun of writing. I'm glad if you can tell the charm of analog and write your daily awareness in this notebook.

The middle page allows you to manage time schedules and tasks.

Q10. What do you want to wear a collaboration watch?

I want you to be happy every time you look at this watch from the cuffs. It is a design that is easy to attach from children to adults regardless of gender. For example, if you imagine the grandfather and grandchildren wearing them in pairs, you will be very happy. I hope that many people will reach this watch and full of positive emotions.


in conclusion

A collaboration watch with Papier Tigre is on sale! Please get a clock with an exciting design.

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