Picnic style. Use the color and the Layerd well, and praise!

A new corner that introduces styling that matches Smile WatchSmile style" This time, with the theme of "Spring Picnic Style"3Propose a styling. Now, a stylist who is active at the forefront of fashion tells the coordination points that are in a layered and silhouette.


Overall -style with parents and children

First of all, I would like to introduce "overall style" that parents and children want to challenge.

Mom chooses a wide silhouette that incorporates trends. Furthermore, by combining the whole with a white base, it has a unified and calm impression.

The clock is black according to the tops of the tops. If you want to add a sense of omission to your hand, it is recommended to add a clear glass material ring.

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The twins create their individuality by using the color. Just changing the color of the tops will change your impression.

The clock is designed with a pattern on the belt. It gives a cute impression like a child.



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right::Mini SeriesRP01-001

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Good dress of color x layered


Next is a coordination that incorporates colorful colors that shine in greenery such as vegetation.

A bright plaid dress and a solid trainer to be well balanced. Compatibility with loose denim pantsGood

At hand, a white -collar clock selected according to the tops. The color ring is added to one point, and it is finished in a sharp and sharp hand.

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Balance is especially important when layered coordinates. In order to summarize the overall color and balance, the feet are combined with black -colored sneakers ◎



Blue x white with refreshing spring


Lastly, we will introduce a coordination that combines denim and chinos, which shines in the greenery of the lawn. The hooded trainer is combined under the jacket, and it is finished in a casual layered style.


The clock is a beige color along with the color of the pants. By aligning the colors, the unity of the coordination is improved.

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It is recommended to incorporate black colors that tighten the coordinated tone with small items such as shoes and bags. Here, I added sneakers and balanced.


* Except for the clock, it is a stylist's personal property.


in conclusion

It is a warm and easy time. On a sunny day, why not enjoy picnics and walks with bright colors and layered styles?Q & Q smilesolar Please refer to the picnic style proposed by you.

Stylist:HANA UchidaInstagram_hanauchida

Hair & Make Up:Saiko hayashiInstagramsaikoohayashi