WALNUT collaboration [part 1] | design that makes you want to see the wide world

Walnut is popular among young women for its edgy illustrations in mode. In addition to designing goods for musicians from all over the world, illustrations are used for events of various fashion brands, and he is active regardless of genre. This time, such a collaboration with her was realized. What is a watch filled with WALNUT's worldview? Here, we will introduce walnut collaboration watches in the front and rear. First of all, about herself and the secrets of the design of the collaboration watch.


I wished I could live by drawing.

―Today, we interviewed illustrator WALNUT. I heard that you like going out and traveling, so I decided to listen to your story while doing a good time. Well then, thank you.

WALNUT:Thank you. This is my first interview with a sanpo. I'm very excited.

Illustrator WALNUT


―Speaking of WALNUT, the sketch series "walsketch" that cut out a piece of a train or restaurant_That's popular, isn't it?

WALNUT:I often secretly sketch uncles sitting across the train and nice couples I've seen in restaurants.


―What kind of people are chosen as the models for sketching?

WALNUT:In the case of the train series, I often choose people who are looking at their smartphones or reading so that sketching does not barre.

- (Looking at the two grandmas who are absorbed in talking on the park bench) It seems easy to sketch those people, right?

WALNUT:That's true! It seems not to be barre because it is crazy about the story.

―I envy those who happen to be sketched by WALNUT. I want you to draw too....

WALNUT:Shall I draw?

- Ed! Is it okay!? Glad! Shall we sit on the bench there for a while? I will ask you about the story while drawing.

WALNUT:I understand.

Mr. WALNUT walsketch_ "2008". A luxurious time!


―By the way, what made you start sketching on the train?

WALNUT:At university, I majored in oil painting, and I often did rocky things, but I began training to grasp the shape of things in a short time.

- I see. Have you been trying to move on to art since you were a child?

WALNUT:I've always loved drawing. Therefore, I chose a school with an art course from high school and went on to art university. I don't know if I can eat with pictures, but I've always wanted to be able to draw and live.

- And now you are active as an illustrator a lot.

WALNUT:Thankfully. But I didn't expect to be an illustrator. Even after I decided to do this job, I didn't know much about what kind of work illustrators have and how they talk.

- It was a start from scratch. Now, you are in charge of the goods design of famous artists, and you live with your favorite paintings.

WALNUT:I often find that my favorite things and things lead to work. In addition to drawing illustrations, I also like to travel, but I also work with artists from various countries and visit them. I really enjoy the process of connecting what I'm interested in to my work.

―Do you have a knack for making "likes" your job?

WALNUT:What is it. As for myself, if I was just stretching and doing what I liked, I felt like this would have happened. However, it may be active to transmit "likes".

- Do you post on SNS?

WALNUT:Yes. It may be an opportunity for people to learn about this. All right, the sketch is complete.

- Wow, I'm really very sought after. Thank you! Even so, it is drawn in a really short time.

WALNUT:Let's see.

― It's important to keep going.


Bringing travel stories to your designs

- Next, about collaboration watches. What kind of theme was it designed for?

WALNUT:I designed it with the theme of "I want to see the wider world". I myself like to travel and go outside, so I want to make it a design that can push the backs of people with such feelings. In the sense of "pushing the back", the girl drawn on the dial has a design with her back turned.

―It looks like you're looking at a different world than you are now, and it's a design that looks like WALNUT. The dial doesn't have a number to represent time.

WALNUT:I was very worried about whether to put a number. However, I did not want people to enjoy the moment without being bound by time.

- You had a wonderful message. Do you have any message for the illustrations on the belt?

WALNUT:Travel to places you don't know to see the wider world. I visit various places in the world, and sometimes I encounter people with various styles and wonderful scenery while being hit by troubles and happenings. In that way, I design it with the hope that I can enjoy it so that I can travel through daily life.

―Was the story of your trip drawn? The star mark drawn under the illustration of the earth was a trouble.

WALNUT:That's right. Because the trouble attaches to the trip.

― Have you had any trouble with WALNUT?

WALNUT:There are many times.

- Many times! I'm careful. In the second part, let's dig deeper into the thoughts we put into the collaboration watch based on the episode of WALNUT's trip. Thank you for the second part!


At the end of the day

The collaboration watch designed by WALNUT will be released at 8:00 p.m. on January 28. Wear a watch that makes you want to see the wider world and go out to different places!

Next time "WALNUT collaboration [part 2] with this clock various scenery and time" will be released soon. By all means, please check it out.


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