【First watch design】10 things to ask Yuko Kanaya [Part 1]

Yuko Kanaya, an artist who draws geometric and organic patterns with a bright color. In addition to holding various methods such as installation and animation, we offer artwork for projects such as fashion brands and musicians. This time, a collaboration watch designed by her appeared. This time, we divide what we want to ask Mr. Kanaya in front and back, and prepare a total of 10 questions. In the first part, we asked Kanaya's artwork and his thoughts on collaboration watch.


[Part 1] What Kanaya -san makes, and his thoughts on collaboration watch

Artist Yuko Kanaya


Q1. Speaking of Mr. Kanaya's work, it is impressive with geometric artwork with a vivid color. Please tell me the opportunity to reach the current style.


I like to draw pictures since I was a child, and I went to an art university naturally. So, when I objectively compared my work with other students, I realized again that I liked the color, and opened it by using the color. As for the motif, I was not very good at drawing specific things, and as I tried to draw more stress, I started to draw a lot of abstracts and geometric things.

Here is an art work filled with vivid colors, depth of Kanaya -san World!


Q2. Do you have a myol for producing? 


Don't forcibly draw. I value the mood when I am producing it. When I don't ride, I drink coffee, breathe, eat sweets, listen to music, etc. to improve my mood. You can be more creative by cutting out magazines and doing collages, or doing something that has nothing to do with the subject.

Box that cuts out the magazine page and collages! Inside is full of colored pencils.


Q3. Works are made in various methods such as painting and animation. What are the charms of each?


I have tried other handicraft elements, dyeing, and trying to be worried about it. I want to be flexible, not limited my method.
In the case of pictures, I like places where I can be free from realistic restrictions such as materials and space. It is interesting that a large work like an installation can be expressed in the entire space, so you can experience what you make. In addition, animation does not have advanced technology, so it is fun to be able to work on production that emphasizes the momentum.


Q4. From here on, questions about collaboration watches. Please tell us your feelings when a collaboration request from Q & Q & Q & Q & Q & Q & Q & SMILESOLAR, and what kind of theme it was designed.

There are many things that seem to fit the clock, so it will be compatible. So I was really looking forward to working. The theme is "a clock that makes you excited just by wearing it." Every time I look at the clock, I design with a brutal color that makes my heart clear. I want you to use it regardless of gender or scene.

Q5. The last question of the first part. Please tell us about the fun of designing a watch.

If the picture is completed, that's it. However, it is interesting that the clock does not stop the picture because the needle is moving all the time. Even when I was designed, I was able to create from a different perspective than when I painted it, such as the relationship between the color scheme between the picture on the board and the three types of needles, and that it would be fun to attach a motif to the needle. It was interesting.


in conclusion

Up to this point, we asked Kanaya's artwork and his thoughts on collaboration watch. In the rest of the question, the production of the collaboration watch is even deeper! Introducing plenty of Kanaya World full of commitment.

[Deeping the secret story of the design] 10 to ask Yuko Kanaya 10 "

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