Matching Style Series001 Pride to Matching, Matching Designs

Having pride in the same design with family

The watch to introduce this time is "matching watch", Matching Style Series001. It is characterized by three different sizes deployment with the same design, and you can enjoy "Align Watch" with family and couples. Implementing an interview with such Matching Style Series001. I was disturbed by shopping with my family on a holiday.

From left: wife, child, husband

-Matching Style Series 1001 family, thank you very much today! Sorry for the valuable time in your family ...!

husband:No even though it is not good at all. Conversely? Such a, just a family of families, even if I cover the place where I'm going to go to the supermarket (laughs)?

wife:Oh yeah, I also thought so. I didn't think it was really good, so I wish I had a little worth it (laughs).

-This such! It is beautiful!

wife:Then that's good…!

Child:Hey mother, this person?

wife:Oh, please greet me properly.

Child:Yes. Hi, Matching Style Series001, the case diameter and width are 32 mm.

-Hello. It is good for me.

wife:I'm sorry ... I'm embarrassed.

-Matching Style Series 001 is also known as an alias, "matching watch", but it feels like just matching this way.

husband:All one part is the same design. Well, I think that the couple and lover are more likely to be similar if they are together, but I think it is a design that embodies it.

It is perfect for families and lovers, as the name "matching watch".

husband:When I talking to my friends, it is said that it is a kidding half of the joke, "Do you think it's a bit embarrassing with the same look as the family?" You can see that feeling, and there is a pearlook that there is a feeling that it feels like it.

Hmm, Well ....

husband:But I am proud that all the family members are the same design. When I was born in the House of Kabuki Acader, I have a pride to all the roles born in Matching Style Series001. This point, this child (case diameter and width 32 mm) may be Matching Style Series 001 and may be something like Moyamoya, but convey the part of this pride firmly, and the chest (dial) I think I want to keep up with time.

wife:(Keeping quietly).

A little bit of your story, everyone's goodness and the strength of the bond will be transmitted.

husband:Excuse me, I just talked (laughs). However, it may be said that it is a parent idiot, but when the family is the same as a family, it is the most happy.

Child:Hey, I bought this (board chocolate)!

wife:For always! ... I can't help it anymore.

It may be a parent idiot (laughs).

| Watch is perfect to enjoy matching

-Shair, Matching Style 001 thinks, what is the attraction of "matching"?

husband:It is an integrated sense and an expensive feeling. For example, if there is a favorite professional sports team, isn't it supported by wearing a replica uniform? That's why I enjoy the sense of one with the team. The American presidential elections are working together with a sense of unity and put the people to allies.

- Presidential election ....

husband:Excuse me, the story was lost. If you do not have a favorite professional sports team, you want to remember by all means. At that time, I have never made a matching T-shirt with a class once, and I've been wearing it. I think that exciting feeling that I feel at that time, it is a matching charm.

wife:Oh, I have been designed for the T-shirt when I was a student!

husband:Hey ~, the first ear (crown).

-Surely I was good to draw illustrations.

husband:However, as I said earlier, it is also a fact that there is a little bit like a little bit. So it is our turn. Even if it is difficult to wear clothes and caps, if it is a watch, you can feel free to enjoy.

-The room is large area and it stands out.

husband:Yes. It is really recommended to use us with a family, as I can feel a sense of certainty. Of course, it is also very welcome to go out with me and my wife alone.

...... ZZZ

I'm going to sleep if I think it was quiet. So soon, time sale also starts.

Thank you for your time today. Please come to see me anytime if you are good at.

-Thank you! I also want to enjoy the match!

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