"I am Ricky!" I ask the Taloout, the unrawed Himitsu.

Taroout, who collaborates with various fashion brands and department stores, works on character design. A warm and cute character is popular. This time, a collaboration with such a taro out is realized. How did you color Q & Q SMILESOLAR? Here, we talked about the thoughts in the design and the story of Taroout.


| Visit Taroout's house!

 -This this time, we are visiting Taroout's home! Thank you for your cooperation today.

Taroout:Don't be nervous (laughs).


Character artist Taroout

―It's a wonderful home. Do you always work here?

Taroout:Yeah. It also serves as a workplace.

-There are various characters here. I'm really impressed! What are Taroout conscious when producing?

Taroout:I try to design a design that no one will hurt. Occasionally, I have a proposal, "Why not draw a poisonous character?" However, I think that there are quite a few people who are hurt by the character. It may be difficult to make 100%thorough, but we are working as much as possible.

―The characters drawn by Taroouts are all easy characters that make you feel warm.

| If you are worried, try and enjoy the change

―How do Taroouts usually spend?

Taroout:Invite a friend to hold a dinner, participate in the Ekiden, and challenge Aquaron. I've been active in the last few years.

-You are doing various things!

Taroout:It was not that type before. Because of my work, I often work at home, so I have few opportunities to meet people. At one point, I gradually actively actively when my friend was invited to run. I wasn't reluctant to run at first, but it was really fun when I tried it. The same person said, "Please cook," and started to cook. As I learned, I'm addicted. Then, I wanted to invite a friend to show off cooking.

―A, you have a dinner party.

Taroout:Yeah. Under the title of "Taro Atable", we are holding an irregular event to invite various people to enjoy delicious food.

-Do Taroout gives hospitality alone?

Taroout:no. Hospitality is hard (laughs)
I have tried only once, but it is a different translation from one person, and I have a hard time preparing food for the number of people. I let me wait more than 2 hours. Since then, I have made it and changed it to a style I brought in. You can enjoy the fun of making together, and you can continue without overdoing it.

-The hospitality is hard ... It is best to enjoy it without difficulty! I heard earlier that I was worried about "Aquaron".

Taroout:It is a minor competition, but it would be nice to imagine something without triathlon bicycle competitions. What I wanted to challenge Aquaron was that I hurt my feet in running. When I was bored because I couldn't run, my friend suggested that you should swim. But I couldn't swim at all.

-Is that so! Did you take courage to get started?

Taroout:I agree. But I thought this was a good opportunity and started going to school. I was able to swim 5kg over two years.

― 5 kilometers! ? amazing!

Taroout:So I was able to swim with a lot, so I decided to go to the Aquaron tournament with my friend.

-Isn't it scary to swim in the sea?

Taroout:I was really scared. Therefore, I participated in a team that is doing the sea training and gave a fierce training. However, despite participating in a beginner class, only one person dropped out due to too much fear. I was planning to participate in the Aquathlon tournament with four friends, but if I stayed as it was, I felt a sense of crisis on returning, and I participated in a tournament held at a short distance alone. Did.

-How was the tournament?

Taroout:The sea of ​​the venue where I participated was so beautiful that I could see seaweed and fish, the waves were calm, and I was able to swim very fun.

-It is wonderful. But this year, wasn't it possible to gather casually or participate in such tournaments this year?

Taroout:That's right. The work itself was always alone, so it didn't have an effect, but I felt like I had less opportunities to meet people in private, and something was missing. For me, I realized again that the time I spend with my friends was irreplaceable. I was a little surprised at my change, which was natural to stay home alone.

-You had discovered new joys and pleasures while trying various things. How did you spend such anxious self -restraint period?

Taroout:I started learning the piano that I had longed for since I was a child.

-Is it a piano!

Taroout:It's time to start.

-amazing. What songs are you practicing?

Taroout:I am practicing mainly in jazz. In the future, we will play jazz piano brilliantly in the nursing home and enjoy the last mote period (laughs).

Taroout shows the results of the practice. Performed without looking at the score!

―Is it really a mote period! (lol)

Taroout:I think it will improve quite a bit if you start now. We will continue to specialize for the future!

-Taruout, who is challenging various things, seems to be very fulfilling and fun!


| "I'm lucky!"


-Collaboration watch is finally completed!

Taroout:It's the first time to see the real thing today! Well, I'm happy.


 -Taro out is also active as an ambassador of the Ministry of the Environment. Q & Q SMILESOLAR also uses solar batteries and conducting donation activities, and from the perspective of SDGs, I thought that there was something in common with Taroouts.

Taroout:Thank you. I have been working as an ambassador of the Ministry of the Environment since 2015, but I was originally indifferent. At first, what is eco? I started by thinking about how to act leads to the happiness of the future. It is important to call for something to reduce carbon dioxide and to endure something. But can we be really happy with various things? I also think. This is my opinion, but if I need to move for the future, I want to be more excited and rich than patience. For example, a missing bowl is handed over or remakes old ones. Using things for a long time will enrich your life and mind, leading to the future. I'm still looking for what I should tell as an ambassador, but I want to convey the character to a messenger.

-I see. I think it's a wonderful idea.

Taroout:So, I thought that collaboration with Q & Q SMILESOLAR, which moves continuously with the power of nature, is perfect for my thoughts.

―I think that if you design Taroout, you will be a watch that will be used for a long time. This collaboration watch has a cute rabbit character. Please tell me the thoughts in the design.

Taroout:This character is a lucky bunny Lanny. A lucky rabbit that is said to be lucky if you find it. Every time I look at this watch, "I'm lucky!" I was invited by a friend to challenge various things and met many people. Also, even if the new colon virus is popular and depressed, you can challenge the piano you have longed for, and everything is lucky. I'm glad if the people who wear this can think, "There are many things, but I'm lucky."

-It seems to be positive just by wearing it! There is also the word "100%so lucky" on the belt part. Maybe you have a "solar"?

Taroout:Did you notice! That's right. I am with Q & Q SMILESOLAR solar.

-The wonderful idea! It seems to go well with casual fashion with catchy colors. Finally, please give a message to customers who are looking forward to the collaboration watch.

Taroout:If you are depressed, remember this collaboration watch. "Surely okay. You're lucky!" And I want you to go to various places together with your favorite clothes!

-thank you! Deliver this lucky watch to many people!

in conclusion
The collaboration watch designed by Taroout will be released on December 1. By all means, why not get and add lucky every day?

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