Be honest with your "love".The World of the Kuky Boy

Cookieboy, a colorful icing cookie, collaborating with various fashion brands. He is also a graphic designer, and is a person who enjoys art freely, honestly on his favorite things and things. What kind of design is the collaboration watch with such a cookie boy wearing? From the back story of the design to the cookie boy himself, I heard plenty of stories.


| Challenge icing cookies with the atelier!


-This this time, I am visiting the atelier of Cookie Boy, which is said to be a spark of icing cookies. Thank you for today.

Cookie Boy:thank you.

Icing Cookie Artist/Graphic Designer Cookie Boy


-This this time, I would like to talk a lot about cookies while experiencing the icing cookie workshop! What kind of activities are you doing?

Cookie Boy:Nowadays, we have not been able to collaborate with fashion brands, make cookies by order, and have not been able to hold them due to the influence of the new colon virus recently, but we also do workshops.

A workshop where you can freely decorate colorful cookies. The interview face also participated in the workshop!


-You are widely active. What is the theme of icing cookies?

Cookie Boy:It is designed on the theme of "Eating something that cannot be eaten". For example, insects and fashion items such as butterflies.


―Why was that theme! ?

Cookie Boy:Speaking of icing cookies, there are many fancy colors, but I like unusual colors. Now I have a cute design, but at that time I wanted to make something else. Isn't insects really impactful? I wonder if that will make you more interesting.

-The icing cookies designed by Cookie Boy are strangely eye -catching. I am very worried about what art you have touched on and reached the current expression!


| Honestly what I want to do


-The cookie boy is from Kyoto. You say that your parents are Nishijin Oriya.

Cookie Boy:Yeah. There were a lot of weaving machines in my house, and I saw a craftsman being woven with a rattling.


―I've been able to feel the art closely since you were a child, but when did you want to get a job related to art?

Cookie Boy:When should I do it? But since I was a child, I liked manufacturing, and I went to an art -based school from high school. At that time, I started to be interested in clothes, and I wanted to be able to work on fashion in the future. My parents said that my house was Nishijin Oriya, so I first said, "Learn from cloth" and studied textiles at art universities.


-Is it textile? What kind of work did you make when you were a student?

Cookie Boy:You made it quite freely. It was a textile department, but I made three -dimensional works and designed space.


―It was really free, not to the frame.

Cookie Boy:I agree. The university I attended was a very free school. I wonder if all the students were free (laughs) because they were in a free environment, so I was able to work on the work as I wanted to do.

―It's a great university (laughs) Cookie Boy, who was free to work on making works and aimed for a job related to fashion, went to the icing cookie road?

Cookie Boy:Well, in the flow. That may be nice. After graduating from college, I decided to find a job at a company for children's clothing, but the starting salary was cheap. Do you want to do it in Tokyo? I declined the job.



Cookie Boy:So what should I do in Tokyo? I thought it was a cafe boom at the time, so I wanted to open a fashionable cafe. So I wanted to learn sweets and started working at a muffin shop. It was the first time that I was living alone, and I started cooking myself and became interested in food. I also got a job at a bakery, but since I was a student, I had made colorful and flashy works, so brown bread became unsatisfactory. At that time, I watched the icing cookie on TV. I thought the colorful design was interesting, so I decided to make it myself.

-There is such a background. And how did the activity spread?

Cookie Boy:First of all, I studied icing cookies on my own and gave it to my friends. The friend worked at an apparel company, so I gave it with a design with shoes as a motif.


-The shoes are the motif! What are your friends?

Cookie Boy:I was very pleased. Give me to other friends. At that time, icing cookies were not major in Japan, so many people were interested. Then, my friend's advertisements spread more and more, and orders came from companies. At first I was doing both with a bakery, but I was busy and decided independent.


-Cooky boy is also said to be a spark of icing cookies. Recently, it has spread in Japan.

Cookie Boy:I agree. Occasionally, there are people who look at my work and say, "I started icing cookies." I will be happy to hear that.


-I'm happy! It is said that it has not been held recently, how about a workshop? I have experienced for the first time today and are struggling very hard (laughs)

Cookie Boy:It's difficult to draw a straight line at first (laughs), it's okay, let's say that the line distortion is also designed!


―When so (laughs), icing cookies are more fun than expected!

Cookie Boy:I also have the most fun time to do the workshop like this. I usually get an order, make it, and repeat the shipment, and I rarely meet my customers. So the workshops you can talk to and talk are really fun. Also, there are various discoveries. You say that you can design freely, but the child is especially free, growing, and cute. "I combine this color." It will be studying by watching.

Left: Cookie Boy's work right: Q & Q smilesolar interview staff


―I'm looking forward to your child's strange ideas.
Will Cookie Boy continue to work mainly with icing cookies? I would like to ask if you have a goal.

Cookie Boy:I want to try more and more interest, not just icing cookies. Now I want to open a cafe someday. A cafe that sells works other than icing cookies, parfait, cake, and food in the store! That's why I also sell the collaboration watches this time. I want to create a space to deliver what I like freely.

-When a cookie boy has a shop, it will be a very cute world view! I definitely want to go!


| From colorful to classic world

-This collaboration witch this time is a very chic color and design contrary to the colorful worldview of Cookie Boy.

Cookie Boy:In fact, apart from the cookie boy, it also has a graphic design under the name "Classic CookieBoy". In this collaboration watch, the clock was designed as Classic CookieBoy.


-What is the "classic" in your name?

Cookie Boy:I really like the United States in the 80's. Unlike pop and unusual icing cookies, classics depict a world full of vintage. In that sense, I put a word "classic" in the name.


-You have various expressions.

Cookie Boy:Regardless of the icing cookie, I do what I want to do without hesitation. Originally, I like fashion, so classical people develop a lot of fashion goods. If you increase the number of expressions, the range of activities will be expanded accordingly, and it will be fun for yourself.


―I'm really enjoying your design. Is it the first time you have a clock design?

Cookie Boy:Yeah. The design space was limited, so I had a hard time adjusting the balance of the illustration, but I enjoyed it.


-Do you write down the illustration for this time?

Cookie Boy:No, I have designed the illustrations I have drawn so far. I think that there are many plants in the collaboration watch used this time because they were drawing only plants at that time. In addition, I made two plans and submitted.

-None are fashionable and cute!

Cookie Boy:thank you. All watches were conscious of the design they wanted to wear. I also like the middle clock depicting the 80's American men and women, but it's still this design that can be worn by more people.


-Certainly, it seems easy to wear regardless of gender because it is a chic color and design.

Cookie Boy:I think it's cute even if you match it with a couple. Because there are many patterns on the belt, the dial does not dare to put a pattern.

-The design of the belt is more prominent. Finally, please give a message to everyone who is looking forward to this watch.

Cookie Boy:My icing cookies are often given gifts. I think it's because of the surprising design, "Wow!" It is the same for this watch. I wish I could open the box and make me smile when I wore it. It is perfect for yourself, as well as a gift for someone, so I would be happy if you could buy it. Also, as with cookies and graphic design, this watch was designed and enjoyed freely. So, I want everyone to be able to wear it freely and enjoy every day!

in conclusion
The collaboration watch designed by Cookie Boy will be released on December 1st. Come together with your important friends and partners. By wearing this watch, let's be honest with your favorite! I'm glad if you think.

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