[Dig deep into the design secret story] 10 things to ask Yuko Kanaya [part 2]

The second part of the artist "Listen to Yuko Kanaya 10", which draws geometric and organic patterns in a vivid color. Here, I will dig deeper into the design secret story. We asked about the commitment points and the thoughts in the design.

Introducing the first part of Kanaya -san's artwork and collaboration watch!
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[Part 2] Digging about the secret story of the collaboration watch design

Artist Yuko Kanaya


Q6. What kind of process was this collaboration watch proceeded?


At first, I drew a number of ideas with rough sketches, decided on the direction to some extent, and then drew artwork on the board. The coloring is colored pencils. At the same time, I decided the color of small parts such as needles and belts. Based on that, I asked the factory to make a sample, but at first it wasn't nice to see the finish, so I adjusted the board from the beginning and adjusted it.


Q7. Are there any difficulties that struggled?

There are many expressions that I draw in detail, but if I do it on a small watch on the wristwatch, it will not be very beautiful. However, if you draw too much, it will not be my picture, so until you find a good balance, you may get lost after finishing, "Is this really good?" Fortunately, the size of the board was small, so I was able to adjust it several times, "Let's draw another point", and I think it was finished in a reasonable balance.


Q8. Have you ever challenged this because of this?

I don't usually add messages to my work, but this time I incorporate my own interpretation for "time".
There are many designs linked to the time in an analog clock that have a symmetrical left, right and lower, and points at a specific time, but this time the rhythm is slightly shifted to asymmetric, and the time. I do irregularly how to place points.
At 0:00, at 4:23, I always want to take my time because it's always "now". So, we aimed for a freedom design that is not tied to the regularity of the watch, as long as the function of knowing the time does not impair.


Q9. What kind of wristwatches are for Kanaya and how do you enjoy it?

Watches are watching time on smartphones, and I like bangles and bracelets, so I don't wear them on a daily basis, but when I want to spend a good time, such as picnics and travel, or from my smartphone. When I want to leave, I wear it as a decoration that shows time.
There are generations, but it's a bit nostalgic for me. There is a fun discomfort, similar to using a camera or record player to do what you can do with a smartphone or PC.



Q10. Last question. How did you feel when you actually saw the completion? Finally, please give a message to the customer.

The impression changes between the original picture and the actual watch, so I was worried until I saw the result, but I was relieved to complete it first. After completion, I actually wore this watch and spent a day, but when the gorgeous colors enter the field of view, I feel better. From now on, I hope that those who pick up this watch will feel good. And the way of catching time and how to spend time is different, but I am very happy if it is an item that is close to such "each" or a boost.

in conclusion

10 I ask Mr. Kanaya. How was it? Please get a collaboration watch designed by Yuko Kanaya, "Clock that makes you excited just by wearing it".

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