Walnut collaboration [part 2] | various scenery and time with this clock

Walnut (Walnut) is popular among young women with edgy illustrations in mode. This time, a collaboration with her is realized. In the first part, we asked about Walnut himself and the secret of the collaboration watch design. And in the second part, we dig deeper into the theme of the collaboration watch "Design that makes you want to see a wide world". Focus on her viewpoints that travel around the world and fly around the world, and ask about the thoughts in the collaboration watch.

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I like to accumulate small success experiences

-The second interview with Illustrator Walnut. The second part is about the episode about Walnut's journey, who likes travel. This collaboration watch was illustrated by the wonderful events that occur when traveling, with the theme of "I want to see a wider world".

Illustrator Walnut


Walnut:yes. I did research, visited various places, met many people and scenery, and sometimes happened. I packed the fun of such a trip. I want to see various worlds! I hope it will be a design that can push the back of the person who thinks.

-There is a lot of charm on your trip. What is the most attractive for Walnut himself?

Walnut:Being able to enjoy a small success experience many times. If you are traveling, unexpected incident may occur. Each time, finding a solution and clearing it will lead to more and more confidence, and what you can do will increase. Then the world resolution will increase. I think that being able to get such an opportunity is the appeal of the trip.

-You are enjoying your journey as much as you want. When I look at SNS, I'm really going to various countries. When do you want to go on a trip?

Walnut:When I went to Barcelona before, it is because I want to eat a real paella.

―I'm going for that reason.

Walnut:i wanna go! I try to jump in for any small reason. Of course, I don't go to a dangerous area.

―Be I feel that many people hesitate to jump in ...

Walnut:I was scared at first. What if you have any trouble! and. But the curiosity wins (laughs)

-Please tell us if there is an episode that was hard.

Walnut: When I went to a country town in Spain, it was a good time if I noticed. I asked the station staff about the operation of the train in English, but I didn't understand English, so I only got a reply in Catalonia. It seemed that it couldn't be read even if it was written in letters, no smartphone charging, no people around me ... so what to do. But after all, somehow. This is a small happening, but there are many other episodes that can not be talked about (laughs).

―In the anxiety that you may be left behind in an unknown city, you are immeasurable ... Is there any country that left an impression?

Walnut:Georgia is very impressive. There is still a remnant of the war, and the building is about to be broken or clearly tilted, but everyone lives there without worrying. However, it was interesting to see various aspects, such as a very stylish hotel or restaurant that renovated the printing company of the former Soviet era, and an area where artists gather.

-You have a lot of scenery and experiences that you can only meet in that place.

Walnut:I enjoyed the authentic taste, overwhelmed the scenery I had never seen, and met people with various styles. I wish there was a day when such a journey could come again.

―I have to make a plan now!


If you change the viewpoint, the world you can see will change

―What do Walnut want to convey your own work and through this collaboration watch?

Walnut:What I keep in mind in everyday production is that there are multiple perspectives. For example, I think that the "train series" that sketches people on the train, and the "leaf series" that draws illustrations on leaves will increase the awareness of just changing the perspective and expression, and will be an interesting work.



-Certainly, the appearance changes considerably between paper and leaves.

Walnut:I agree. In addition, when traveling abroad, we do not draw much of the landscape of World Heritage and sightseeing spots. It's a place where everyone is paying attention to, so I don't have to dare to draw. I was just a grandfather sitting on the bench in a place where I could not do anything, a delicious food that I ate in a small shop that is not listed in the street corner, a street corner, and a guidebook. I want to draw what I think. I would be happy if I could deliver new discoveries through my illustrations, and I would like to tell you that everyday life is full of interesting things by changing your perspective.

-Changing the viewpoint, I see. It's a wonderful idea.

Walnut:So, even if you are wearing a collaboration watch, I want you to go to this watch and many places, and you want yourself to enjoy the scenery and time of "interesting!"

-It's a message like WALNUT who is active in various places. Thank you for many stories! It was fun to be able to make a bottle together.

Walnut:thank you. I had fun too.

in conclusion

A collaboration watch designed by WALNUT has been released. Wear a watch "I want to see a wider world" and jump out to various places!


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