It's too easy! How to make a bag that does not sew

Q&Q SmileSolar donates a portion of its watch sales to TABLE FOR TWO, which delivers school meals to children in Africa and Asia. It is a trick from the ground up. I believe that this will lead to the future of the earth, and I would like to continue to participate in various initiatives. Therefore, we started a new project "Shikyu and My Smile Diary" to challenge "eco-friendly things" that make the earth and people smile. We will continue to disseminate eco-friendly initiatives that can be started now!

In the first part, clothes that are no longer wearing are upcycle to new items. This time, I will make my bag. When I checked, apparently there seems to be "how to make a bag that does not sew at all". I would like to challenge in this way that even I who are not good at needle work can do!

Start making my bags!

【Step 1】Prepare a T-shirt that you no longer wear

"Completely t-shirt" which I got at a second-hand clothes shop in Koenji five years ago and has been active as pajamas for the past few years. I'm sure your house has such clothes? Now check out the tuns!

【Step 2】Cut the sleeves and neck!

When the T-shirt is ready, it's time for scissors. Cut with scissors along the cuffs of the T-shirt and the seams at the collar.

Here is the appearance after the cut. How does this turn into a bag? I have no choice but to be worried about where I am now.

[Step 3] The hem which becomes the bottom part of the bag is also cut

The hem is then also cut along the seams.

Next, cut the hem vertically into strips about 1 cm wide from the edge. The length of the length to be cut is adjusted according to the desired bag size.

【Step 4】Tie it together and make a last spurt

After cutting to the edge, turn the T-shirt over and tie the cloth before and after facing each other. This knot is the bottom of the bag, so let's tie it tightly with a double knot.

Here is the figure that finished all ties. There is still a little feeling of clothes, and it does not look like a bag. Are you all right?

If you turn it over at the end...

Is it??
Forgot to tie it? The string came out a little.
It would have been better to tie it more.

Anyway! I was 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000 If you look at it like this, it's a proper bag. It's a bit of a surprise that it's so easy to do.

The bottom of the bag is surprisingly strong! There is also a sense of security because I chose a thick T-shirt. If you want to pack a lot in a bag, a thick T-shirt and double tie are a must.

Now, by 2030, reduce plastic waste emissions by 25%! After the goal was set, plastic bags were charged, and more people were carrying my bags. Think a little about what you can do and take action. I hope that handmade my bag this time will lead to the future even a little.



I made my own bag and noticed the fun of handmade, so I also made a watch pouch with shorts with old times.

Drawstring bag style watch pouch! I think I was able to do it quite well. He praises himself that reusing waist straps is GOOD.

The pouch was tingling with a needle. Because it was sewing after a long time, the seams were rattling (laughs).

When I think that "I want to change my mood a little", I wonder if it is good to carry a sub clock sneaking on the porch so that I can change my mood casually.

Please give it a try.

"Ckyu and My Smile Diary vol.1" The challenge of upcycle success to a new item of clothes that you no longer wear!

Next time, I will try cooking with waste vegetables. Please look forward to!