Matching Style Series002 The loose matching recommended

| A little match is comfortable.

The watches introduced this time are Matching Style Series 002 where you can enjoy "loose matching". There are 8 colors of color variations, so you can enjoy the color difference with your friends. Here, we interviewed Matching Style Series 002 himself. I participated in a trio off party, where a common hobby became a good friend.


-The Matching Style Series 002, thank you today.

Matching Style Series 002:thank you!

From left: Suffran yellow, pale green, hot pink


―What kind of group are you?

Safran Yellow:It is a trio who became friends with a common hobby. At first, it was only about sharing information on SNS, but because it was the same product, I was completely close.


―The nowadays you can make friends on SNS! What are your common hobbies?

Pale Green:We like Korea and Taiwanese culture. Most of the recent topics are the story of Korean dramas. I talked about the impressions of the drama, such as that scene was good, crying.


―It's fun (laughs) Is it quite frequently gathered?

Pale Green:It's regularly gathered, but it's pretty rough. When I want to get together, I get together, and if I can't get together, it's also an ant, it's loose in a good way, and it's a very comfortable relationship.

Safran Yellow:I have the same sense. If you gather, you will be excited about the same hobbies, but you are not a friend you know for a long time, so you will not interfere too much. It's a good sense of distance. I guess there are many similar types of people who wear us.

Hot pink:I feel like that. It's fun because there is a difference than a person who is completely similar to each other. Will this be transmitted? (lol)

Pale Green:That's right, it's not a matching coordinates, but you just have the points, and then enjoy each style freely.

Hot pink:Yeah, that's it (laughs)

Safran Yellow:Is that so? (Laughs) Well (laughs)


―Peet, your breath is perfect (laughs), even if you have a little in common, the bond is deep enough.


| The password is "What should I do tomorrow?"

―I think it's difficult to get close to new people when you grow up. If you can give me some advice.

Pale Green:It's difficult. I never thought I would get along. But I had a common hobby, so it didn't take much time to get along.

Hot pink:I agree~. If you notice, you get along well, and if you notice it, you are gathering. I guess it's better to jump in for the time being without thinking!


-I see. Don't think about difficult things, take a step first. I wonder if you're a good trio in the future.

Safran Yellow:I think so. No matter how old you are, you're going to talk about what you like tomorrow, "What should I do tomorrow?"

Hot pink:It's our password ~ ​​(laughs)

Pale Green:If you want a new encounter, I want you to take a step with courage. If you have a little "match", you will surely be able to get along. Like us!


-There an interesting story!



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