Looking for a new encounter. Mexico Travel in Kichijoji

A new year starts. I will meet various things, things, things and humans I meet from now on. If you seek a new "encounter", it is often said that you go on a journey, but this time, you should be aware of how to do travel ... So this time, I went to the spot where I can taste the feeling of traveling but also in Japan. We recommended for Walnut, an illustrator, Mexican His fork Art Shop I was disturbed!

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What a Mexico Travel Start!

A 10-minute walk from Kichijoji Station. . From the other side of the glass door, a funny atmosphere is transmitted.

When you enter the store, there is a colorful Mexican folk art and fork art works!

Geikatsu Object to play an instrument seems to be able to hear music now!

Multicolored objects are likely to brighter the space when decorating them in the room!

WALNUT collaboration watches also looked good, I found a Ring of Dokuro!
(very cute…!)

※ Ring is domestically produced goods.


In the souvenir of the trip, I got a dog's decorative thing like Tiger. (Decorate the door door!)

"What country is Mexico ..., I want to go someday"

It was a wonderful space that such a thought came up with a futft.

A few of the folk arts that meet the Mexico trip. One of the encounters with new genres and one "Suki" has increased.

If you want to taste your travel mood, please come to Mr. Labrava>! It may be good to look for a spot that can taste your travel mood near your living.

Walnut's Recommended Point!

in Kichijoji is a favorite spot visiting when you want to make new interior new! I have a nice folk art and I will taste my movement.

Mexican fork art shop
Tokyo Metropolitan Musashino City Kichijoji Honcho 1-28-3
Jardin Kichijoji 104