[December QQ communication] # Christmas comes!

Hello everyone!Q & Q SmilesolarIt is communication. SmileInstagramThen, in various themselves, we propose how to spend the watch and recommended for the season of the month.

12The theme of the moon was "# Christmas comes!" We introduce clock corde and gift wrapping perfect for Christmas season.

Smile Watch recommended in December

Q & Q SmilesolarNew series ofSeries 003From the clock that can enjoy the dark color striped pattern belt with impressive clocks and brown contrast. It is a design that is easy to use in Unisex, so it is also recommended for gift to partner.

Also, conscious of Christmas colors,Matching StyleLight green and pink also pickup. It is also good to enjoy with your child.

GlitterSeries 005Coordinates at Christmas Dinners and one for dating coordination. You can enjoy elegant kicking from hand.


Series 003R01A-004JK / R01A-001JK

List a series of series

Matching StyleRP26-008 / RP26-007

List a series of series

Series 005RP18-001

List a series of series

How do you enjoy the recommended watch for Christmas?

Perfect for Christmas5One watch. How do you get in your mood and scene to enjoy Christmas?Q & Q SmilesolarWe introduce the recommendations of

Align with Christmas dating corde♡

First of all, how to enjoy with fashion perfect for the Christmas season! I chose a watch according to the date corde!

Dating wants to change his impression more than usual and wants him to make him. So coordinate the role in the ornate tight skirt! At hand, the glitter clockSeries 005Choice. I want to shine as much as myself as a sparkling city! It is a watch that fulfills such a maiden♡

In addition, it is also an Ali to put together at hand and simply! Green knit and carelessSeries 003Together with the beige color.

Men's Corde Match the watch is combined into Natural? Or choose the clock to be accented? We introduced in Ladies CordeSeries 003Beige color is a simple design, so it is patterned and colorful fashion.Series 003If you combine with the stripe pattern of, this is also recommended because playfulness is added to the entire coordination. How about having fun with a couple match.

In addition to gifts!

Speaking of Christmas, gifts! Q & Q SmilesolarI tried wrapped in the "Snowdome wrapping" which is perfect for this season.

Even if you decorate this, it's cute♡Please check the detailed wrapping method from Instagram!

Well, this year's Christmas prepares a new gift and you can not forget!

I hope you have a nice Christmas.

in conclusion

January is the theme of "# Kimochi new". We propose a watch coordination and how to spend a watch like you want to enjoy the tapered machine. looking forward to!