I want to give special gifts. Looking for a special present at the antique button specialty store.

Christmas Mood enhanced nowadays. Are you ready for a present for important people? This time, I visited Antique Vintage Button Specialty Store to find a gift perfect for Christmas. Actually, here, the shop of the artist who collaborated with Q & Q Smilesolar. Let's check immediately if there is an encounter with any button.

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Find a present!

KANATANI YUKO Recommended button shop

If you open a large glass door and enter the inside of the store, your personality Yutaka button will be welcome!

Glitter, Deco Boco, Mangaru, Jagged ...
Many of the many tail and color buttons.

A little different design, such as an eyeball grilling and a cake like a cake! It will be fun just looking.

A zone arranged on earrings and brooches. Everything is wonderful!

It may be good to present together with a clock.

I'm crazy and my buttons are color. It looks like you're looking for a treasure! If you are looking for a special gift . Surely a wonderful encounter should be waiting.

Look at the clock of Yuko Kanaya Design

Recommended points for KANATANI YUKO!
There are a lot of funny buttons that the shopkeeper's right child buying his own, and like a small museum. If you are looking at what you can feel like design and unique thing, creating hand and Naoko-san's love, it feels very rich.

Antique Vintage Button Specialty Store
〒 101-0031 Higashi Kodakita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 1-8-11 Forest Wave Building 1F