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Charge with sun light, light and strong Q & Q Smilesolar watch. I should surely look for people who enjoy life activities. That's why I like to go out, like to go out, like "active life", like sport, like to work outside. In the active life of such people, just a little bit of a little bit. I also asked about the attractiveness of the active life, and I also heard that I tried wearing Q & Q Smilesolar!

This time, it is an employee of Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.

Mr. Uemura

Mr. Uemura who has been working as a sales planning department at the Citizen Watch. He actually has one side he plays an active part as a table tennis professional player. So this time, I would like to hear the talk about Mr. Uemura's hot table tennis episode.

Mr. Uemura's Active Life, let's go out immediately.

"I want to win", so far.

Mr. Uemura:When I was in second grade, Table Tennis, the influence of his father. At that time, I was enjoying the raffi with sports such as baseball and soccer twice a week. Because I chose table tennis while doing various sports, I was able to get "win". "I want to win more" It was a day when I felt more and more from such a thought, and the student's age was launched into table tennis.

Mr. Uemura:He also joined the Citizen Watch where he had many players in his longing after graduating after graduating from university in the future. Now I am working on practice every day so that I can contribute to the championship as a team captain.

Mr. Uemura:Sports think that there is a popular play style depending on the age, but table tennis is fast. In order to win, it is necessary to update the play tile each time to the times, so while polishing the skills we are good at, the popular play is also your own. It will be difficult for the trend to be very difficult to get older, but there is also the fun of table tennis.

| It is serious from now on and tough.

Finally, I asked what I tried using Q & Q Smilesolar.

Mr. Uemura:Durable and strong toughness was like. I want to face tough in the tough in the future, so a watch like Q & Q Smilesolar seems to be an existence like amulet. Also, the lightness is one of the attractions. There is no sense of tied, so I do not care if I wear it during play. In the future, it is likely to enjoy the clock as well as everyday life but also the table tennis scene.

Mr. Uemura wearLook at the watch

in conclusion

What active life do you enjoy? It would be nice if you plus free watch Q & Q Smilesolar, which can be charged with light and water strongly with sunlight.
Well, what kind of active life can you meet next time .... looking forward to!