Consider "a little friendly to the earth". Everyone's ECO Life!

A Q & Q Smilesolar, which can be charged with sunlight and fluorescent light, is considered to be a little friendly to the earth. What is everyone practicing any "eco things"? First1This time, Icing Cookie ArtistCookieboyI asked Mr..


It is an icing cookie artist that teaches about "eco-friendly things" practicedCookieboyMr. Miss.

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Honestly to my "I like". Cookie Boy World Draw FreeI Read

Then start a question immediately!

Q1. What is the eco-friendly thing?

Since cookies may be remained, it is replaced by cookie rusk.

Q2. I wanted to start it

After all I want to reduce the ingredients loss! You can make delicious things even if it is extraordinary.


Q3. Tips to enjoy eco things

Can the stage tend to be discarded and how delicious it is? It is fun to think about it! It is only the best to enjoy anything!


Q4. What do you think about Smile Solar?

Charge can be performed without using a battery. I think this is eco. By acquiring the clock, it will also be able to check the time on your smartphone and you will always see the smartphone. You should have an eco activity for fashionable.



The remainder is also delicious. Get out of your device! Cookieboy 's "Eco". It is very nice. I will try to practice.

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