Summer vacation planning! You may be selected for your design! ? Design Q & Q Smilesolar!

Q & Q Smilesolar Held summer vacation plan to design yourself!
Let's draw a single original watch in the world with a color pattern freely on the camping campus of a white watch! Please take advantage of the summer vacation "House Play"!

We will recruit your work!
Once the design is complete,@smileqandq_japanI'm glad if you tag or make a plush to Instagram!

Your design isQ & Q Smilesolar Official AccountI will introduce you.

Check ↓ for printing method!

[When printing at home]
(1) Download PDF data

Download PDF

(2) Output with your printer

[When printing with Seven Eleven]
(1) Select "Print" → "Internet Print" from the Seven Eleven Multiciper screen
(2) Enter the "print number (reserved number) [28315633]"
(3) Specify "A4 size" "full color" and print
※ Printable period: 2021/8/12 23: 59.59.
※ Copy fee will be borne by the customer.
※ The color taste and size may differ slightly due to the output.

Please join us for memories of summer vacation!