Watch an ironic play heart? What is a clock that Groovisions can work

Tokyo Design Studio . A group of art groups active in various areas such as music, publishing, products, interiors, fashion, and webs, focusing on graphics and motion graphics.

Such them,QQ smilesolarCollaboration. Here, I heard about the idea of ​​the design of the representative Ito and the manufacturing of .


Interesting to change viewpoint

-The I was disturbed by the 's office. It is a wonderful office.

Ito-san: Thank you.

GROOVISIONS representative Mr. ItoThe fashionable office has been decorated with art books, including art books.


-It is a question about this collaboration watch immediately. What kind of theme was it designed?

Ito-san: This watch is designed to the theme of "Let's play". The clock is "to check the time", but personally not that function is so sought so much? I think.



Ito-san: The watch is not a tool to check the time now, but there are many people who are enjoying one accessory.


-So that's it. surelyQ & Q SmilesolarThe watch of the watch is also a matter of interest as part of the fashion.

Ito-san: That's right. So, even if it says "watch design", I wanted to design with free ideas without being caught up in the fixed concept.


-This collaboration watch this time has appeared.

Ito-san: Collaboration Watch, with smartphones and PCs, appear on the screenRoadingMark"Designed".

-It is a mark often to see when you log in to your site or sites! This mark, which is "latency", is rather negative impression.

Ito-san: It is an ironical design. But the waiting time is also enriched depending on the way of thinking. There is a new notice because there is a play element. Is it such a message?


-It is a novel idea that this mark was incorporated from that point of view!

Ito-san: I do not choose this design if I only check the time. But there is no one who feels like going to wear it because it is interesting. I would like to recommend it to people who want to plus humor every day.


Groovisions takes a simple and clear idea

-The design of collaboration watch has been suggested. Everything was a wonderful design, and it was hard to narrow it out.

Ito-san: The production of this collaboration watch was a draft and challenged.

-What are you conscious of to produce?

Ito-san: For this watch, I made an order "Please design freely", so I enjoyed it freely and designed each of the members. However, "Simple and clear ideas" is usually conscious. How to make the idea how to make it a catach. There is always an issue for the work we receive, and how to solve it is important. It will be transmitted if it is made into it. It is always conscious.

Oh yeah. Q & Q Smilesolar, even with a lot of people, I'm glad if you enjoy everyday life, including waiting time.


in conclusion

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