If you liken it to relaxation, it's summer vacation when you're a student. Series006 himself talks about relaxation

| It's not relaxing because it is necessary. I want to relax and relax

Are you watching this article, are you relaxing recently? This time, we asked Series006, which is a “relaxing watch”, the importance of spending time without anything. Please take a look at those who are not going to relax.

-Series006, thank you today!

Series006:Thank you for your cooperation. First of all, I'm sorry, I'm innocently specified as an interview place. Is it a bit hot for humans? I'm sorry because I'm a watch, so the temperature sensation is a bit off with you.


―I'm okay, thank you for your concern. It was nice to have a sunny weather today, is this a favorite place for Series006?

Series006:Yeah, one of my hobbies is to take a walk, but I happened to find it about a year ago. It's hard to find such a whole maiden in the city, so there aren't many expensive buildings around, so the sky is spacious and very pleasant.


―It's a very nice place where you want to take a deep breath. What I wanted to visit this time is about "relaxing" in Series006's catch phrase, but for Series006, this place may be a relaxing place.

Series006:As you said, this is the place of relaxation for me. Humans are also in our watches, but the priority of relaxing time is very low. If you have time to relax, you may find it like a favorite movie, or some people are even sleeping.


-Ah, I might be that type.

Series006:Oh, that's right. Please be assured, I will never deny that lifestyle (laughs). Rather, what I want to say here is that if you don't need it, you won't be able to relax.
Especially among those who like active lifestyles, relaxing time = break time, and more boring time. However, the relaxing time for me is the most comfortable time for me. In other words, just a fun time. I am free to enjoy the time here with the same feeling as watching movies and dramas.


-Ah, I see.

Series006:The purpose is the same as watching a movie or drama, but the direction is different. Dramas and so on are enjoyed by adding stimuli to everyday life, but the opposite is the opposite of relaxation, and you enjoy reducing various things from everyday. Like my own design, it's simple anyway. It may be a bit unsatisfactory for those who like the decorative design, but I want to keep this as it is because there are many people who like this simplicity.


| To compare relaxation, summer vacation as a student

-The relaxing and relaxing is to enjoy as a hobby, rather than working on the nutrition of the heart.

Series006:Yeah. I'm also in contact with many people as a watch, so I'm inside, some people think that they need time to relax.


―Is it, for example, who works harder than necessary?

Series006:oh yeah! I don't think it's a problem if you really like and do your best, but if you do your best, you'll go in a very good direction. I think it's very effective to relax so that you don't go in the bad direction. So, if I see such an atmosphere, I will appeal to give me a presence as much as possible. I can only stare at the dial.


―It may need time to relax, more people who tend to overdo it.

Series006:That's right. That's right, I think it's different that relaxing is too much like a medicine or supplement. It's not such a stiff thing.


-Saees006 is cherished to relax as a hobby.

Series006:Also, I personally think this is recently, but people may be too "meaning" in everything. People who deny relaxing often say, "What makes sense to do nothing." But I want you to say this. It's a very luxurious time to spend an meaningless time. It's difficult to compare, but it's close to summer vacation when I was a student. Looking at manga and television, it may be similar to that feeling that is no longer done. I don't think there is such a luxury and wonderful time.


-If you grow up, the more you lose that time, the better.

Series006:One of the entertainment, such as movies and dramas, is relaxing. These ultimate purposes are "to improve your mood." If you spend every day, you may not be in a good mood, it is the same for humans and watches. In such a case, I think that one of the various options is relaxing, and I should choose it without difficulty. I'm a "relaxing clock", so I'm glad if you can choose me without difficulty when you like and feel a little better.


-There an interesting story!



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