Series008 taught me how to make every day special

| Don't be addicted to the determined type. I want to enjoy freely and find a new one

It is elegant and glittering. What is the root of the charm that overflows from her, who works as Q & Q & SMILESOLAR Series008? Here, we introduce her who lives as a watch. What is the true real face that you can see from your attitude toward your work?


-Series008, thank you today. First of all, please introduce yourself.

Series008:thank you. I am active as Series008 of Q & Q SMILESOLAR. The brand is in charge of "gorgeous" and "elegant".


―Swarovski® crystal that shines in a calm color is wonderful. Series008 has the impression of an "adult woman." Are you particular about the design?

Series008:As a "elegant clock", I am conscious of "simple, elegant, but not too gorgeous."


-Do you still have many fashion and adult -like style?

Series008:I often think so, but I want to enjoy fashion more freely. Even though it is Ningen to wear clothes (laughs)


―What do you want to enjoy fashion freely?

Series008:We are proud of not only office fashion, but also casual style and cool mode style that combine denim with white T. Don't be addicted to the determined type. I want to enjoy it freely and find a new one.


-Certainly, Series008 seems to choose a person who seems to be elegant at first glance, but it seems to be suitable for a wide range of fashion because it has a simple design!

Series008:thank you. I want to try various fashions and go to various places!


| If there is nothing, it will be special every day

-The next time about your work. Is it still hard to "take time"?

Series008:It's a job that requires a lot of concentration because you have to keep 20 seconds a month.


-Do you have any problems with failures or watches?

Series008:Speaking of worries, you may find it difficult to move the second hand with the same rhythm. Also, since the newcomer is in the industry, I was quite impatient when the time stopped without being hit by the spotlight (such as sunlight).


-How do you switch your feelings at that time?

Series008:It is to make myself beautiful. It's like fashion and makeup in Ningen, but I polish myself and like it little by little. No matter how uneasy and you want to stop, you won't wait. In order to always move forward, I continue to polish myself at any time.


―It was prepared so that you can hit the spotlight anytime. Did something change by polishing yourself?

Series008:It leads to motivation to work. Even if you do the same work every day, if you put your favorite clothes, you will feel better, and if you make a good makeup, you will be confident in your smile. Depending on my feelings, I came to think that it would be special every day without anything.


―It's a wonderful idea.

Series008:Perhaps because I was confident, I had more opportunities to accompany Ningen. I went to various places such as the company, girls' associations, and dating, and I became able to see various scenery. I really love this job now!


-However, I heard the story of Series008 this time, and I just didn't notice it, and I thought it might be right next to me.
Thank you for your valuable story!



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