Honestly to my "I like". MINI SERIES talks about, what is yourself?

To those who want to cherish yourself

This time, it is simple, but it is simple, but it's a simple, but the watch with a playful design "MINI SERIES". It is attractive to match the personality of the person wearing the design width. This time, among them, the polka dot interviews the MINI Series of Charmpoint. I asked her to cherish her individuality about her "her selfishness".

-Mini Series, thank you very much today. This time, I will talk to the theme of "I am sorry". It is next to ... guitar, isn't it?

MINI SERIES:Oh, yes! I'm crossing a band with my hobbies, but I think it would be the best time when playing, and today I brought my buddy today.

-You is a wonderful guitar! Perfect for MINI SERIES!

MINI SERIES:thank you. It is my body and a matching yellow and black color.

-Mini Series is a unique design in Q & Q Smilesolar.

MINI SERIES:While being a small size, I like the pop-colored and design to be staged. By the way, I happened to be a design that stands out, but there is a simple thing in the series. In that sense, the user is a series that is easy to choose according to various fashion. Also, I do not want to be scolded by anyone, and it is a great watch for people who want to cherish their own.

-Mini Series is the type of "I do not want to cover someone".

MINI SERIES:I agree. I want to cherish my own boom and mood rather than saying trends in the world. My mood is a pop-playful design. Even if you wear it, I want to give a wonderful place to get out of various places.

-Mini Series seems to be able to get out of your feelings. Personally, I want to wear an event such as festivals and live.

MINI SERIES:Festival and live, good! I often go with a band companion. Let's go together this time!

| To my own "I like" to be myself.

-Water Band activities are used to be used as a watch?

MINI SERIES:Yes. I feel that I have a good job and a good merryhari for my work and private music. Because I am doing my favorite things, I would like to have a margin for myself as a main business?

-The work as a watch is also fun.

MINI SERIES:Yes. I'm glad to get it to various places. I love to go out with a quite active type.

-What is relaxing at home?

MINI SERIES:There is almost nothing in the house on a holiday. From the band companions, I will go ahead when I get a focus cafe or a general store. I would like to know what I did not know, or I'm exciting to go to the beginning place.

-Chanience. Mini Series is actively chosen to be your interests and favorite things and things, and it feels like it is very enjoyable!

MINI SERIES:There are many people who have a lot of things that you like to work even at work and private.

-Favorite clothing and watches .... Then I will be started soon! Finally, what is yourself for Mini Series?

MINI SERIES:As "I am selfish", I heard a little more, so I went to the story a little earlier, but I wonder if it would be honest with my "I love you". Wear your favorite clothes or watch, listen to your favorite music, go to where you want to go. If you have such a time, it's just happy. If you like that favorite watch, I'm more happy.

-Is always with MINI Series, always positive feeling! Thank you for talking about a lot today!

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