Active as busy people. 20 bar Series himself talks, why does not switch ON / OFF

The reason why it does not cut ON / OFF is easy to spend simple


Work and private is a group that should be separated and not. Which type is it? This time, interviewed on 20Bar Series 003 that acts as a "active watch". He seem to draw a work and private, but I heard what the reason is.

-20bar Series, thank you very much today!

20BAR Series:Thank you very much. Thank you for visiting this beach for a look at the state of my holiday today.


-Eo no Yo. How do you like this beach?

20BAR Series:I agree. Most of the holidays spend here, so it's essential weekly. The sea transparency and the beautifulness of the sandy beach are really wonderful and your favorite, but more than anything else in this beach is nice. Usually, if the watch relaxes on the beach, don't you take one picture of the picture? But here is not such a thing as one person. People and watches, regardless of watches, all existence is attentive to spend comfortable time here.


-It is wonderful. By the way, the first feature of 20 bar Series is ...

20BAR Series:"20 atmospheric pressure waterproof". Of course, it is a high waterproofness that can support hard marine sports, such as surfing and jet skis, as well as surfing and jet skis.


-I. Therefore, I think that I often go to the beach in the work of cutting time, but still the day of OFF is the beach.

20BAR Series:Yes. As a way of thinking, work is work, the private is a well-draw, and I do not go on a holiday, I think that there is also a pattern like an indoor. Of course, I think that it is not bad at all, but I decided not to set the ON-OFF switch.


ー? Why?

20BAR Series:If you clear ON / OFF, you thought that you did not use the energy when switching switches. For example, isn't it going to travel for a long time or longer for a paid leave? At that time, it is purely fun in the first half, but it will be the second half, and it will also be "it's already over ..." It will be born. That's very disgusting .... If you actually rest for a week, it's honest that you will not go back to work.


Oh, I understand.

20BAR Series:I thought I talked now, but I may be perfectly annual. If you are doubled, switch the switch smoothly and work while refreshing. However, I thought that I was easy to do with ON · OFF 's boundaries. It is very simple because it is very simple as a lifestyle.



| There is goodness of thinking on the global scale


-20bar Series is designed to be designed, and there is an impression that you always spend positive, but how is the actual place?

20BAR Series:That's right, there is almost no trouble. If you live with all your power, you will not have to go somewhat, but if you enter it in the sea, I will forget it soon (laughs). It is a trivial thing if you think about it on a global scale.


-It is so great for nature!

20BAR Series:The sea is also so good, but it is really wonderful to touch nature. Since I had a characteristic of waterproofing 20 atmospheric pressure water, it was so often in the sea, but if it was not 20 atmospheric pressure, I should have remained the attractiveness of nature. So I think I was very lucky.


-What is particularly good to touch with the great nature?

20BAR Series:Personally, I can say that it can be in no state, so to speak, I really like it, or I like to be soaking in such a sense.


-The meditation condition ....

20BAR Series:Oh, I'm sorry, it's hard to understand. If you change the way, he said in a kidding half earlier, it may be a word "if you think about it on a global scale". If you are usually living and you're stuck a little, you often have a lot of thinking that thinking is unconsciously narrowed. At that time, you can go to a wide viewpoint of the global scale, which far beyond the dimension of ON and OFF. That's very good.


-The that means, I understood.

20BAR Series:I think that it is a very pleasant thing that the perspective changes. I can see the invisible part and noticed the part that did not notice. When I was thinking of various things while slowly on the beach, I have a recently concept that I had a recently thought and had a big notice. That is very fun. By the way, recent awareness is that we are chopsticks and the carpenter may be close to Kanna.


-What is ...

20BAR Series:If you are talking about this story, let's go to another opportunity.

-I'm looking forward to it! Thank you very much.



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