Series005 taught me how to shine in my own way

| I want to try a variety of things without stretching my shoulders and elbows and meet a new self

Her name is Series005, which seems to be always gorgeous and dramatic every day. What is her real face that fascinates around with a heroine -like presence? I asked what I value.

-Series005, thank you today. I'm really happy to meet you today because I'm a longing for me!

Series005:thank you. I'm glad to say that.


-So, please introduce yourself again.

Series005:I don't like myself very much, but I think it's more flashy. Because it is lame, people who want to wear an elegant atmosphere often get it.


-Do you want to match your elegant style as you yourself?

Series005:For me, it's an ant to wear more rough every day. However, I often take me to a special place that I don't often go, and I'm glad to be honest. I'm more excited to shine than usual.

-It was a gorgeous appearance, so I thought it would be NG to wear it outside of special scenes such as a clear rich date or party.

Series005:That's not the case (laughs) I want you to take it out to various places. I often say that I like brands, but that's not the case. I'm lucky if I think it's good, and if it's a little expensive, I'll talk to my wallet. I don't care about the situation or price.


-You have a very flexible idea.

Series005:I don't really like to limit my potential or be affected by someone's values. I want to try various things and meet a new self without stretching my shoulders and elbows.


| Spoil yourself once in that day


-Series005 has an image like a "heroine" in movies and dramas. How can I shine like Series005?

Series005:I try to prepare a reward for myself. I'm not aware that I'm shining, but it's always thankful that I'm always happy.


-What kind of rewards do you have?

Series005:I don't do anything special, just go where I want to go, eat what I want to eat, and meet people I want to meet! I try to be honest with what I am looking for now.


―What is the reward frequency?

Series005:Every day. Because I do my best every day, I try to pamper myself once. A small thing is fine. For example, try lunch a little luxury or healed by the aroma scent. Even if it's painful, I don't want to finish the day in a dark mood.


-surely. Pampering yourself once a day is also a reset of your feelings.

Series005: It is important to heal your mind and body, and you can afford it just by doing something little by little every day. That's why I wonder if I can be my favorite and think that the result is shining.


-The reward is a way to affirm yourself. I will practice it from today! !


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