Hint to enjoy every day that Series004 taught

| I want you to enjoy it freely

His name is always some time, and he enjoys every day at his own paceSeries004。 I asked him what he valued to spend his own time.

Series004Thank you today. It's a wonderful car!


Series004thank you. Although it is a used car, I run well and I like the body color like a blue sky. Also, there are open cars. As a traveling lover, it's irresistible.


-Drive with open cars ... I yearn!


Series004Let's drive this time! Oh, it's not that you're persuading! Purely (laughs)


―Set by all means (laughs)Q & Q smilesolarThere are various series,Series004What kind of watch do you think you are?


Series004I can say it myself, but I'm quite active, just like a crisp look. I like traveling and I like driving. So I guess you can choose well for those who like the same trip.


-surely,Series004The color is pop and energetic, so if you wear it on a trip, you will feel better.


Series004surelyTPOI think I will choose clothes depending on the clock, but I want you to enjoy the clock as well as the same time. "Today is a camp, so this watch," "I'll do this tomorrow, so let's do this."

-I see. Do you have any scenes or fashion you want to challenge?


Series004That's right ... Basically, I think the casual style that makes you want to be active is the best match, but I wonder if it suits the shirts and slacks that you wear in the office. I also want to challenge women's fashion.


Series004Because it is a simple design, it seems easy to match various clothes!


Series004Yeah. Both users and I hope to enjoy fashion more freely.


| Where should I go for the next holiday? Ask

Series004The image is very fun every day because he likes traveling. Are there any tips for enjoying?


Series004Is it to "take a break" firmly with the sharpness of the on -off? That means is "travel" and "drive" for me.


―The travel and drive seem to be a good change.


Series004Yeah. You can refresh by running on your favorite course, going out a little or just driving without wanting to eat delicious soba.


-But to driving and traveling, I don't think it's a break that can be executed right away.


Series004I agree. In such a case, ask, "Where to go for the next vacation." It's fun to think like that.


-I see. It's important to know how to relax.

Series004Really so. I think it's important to know how to revive yourself when you have any painful or unpleasant things. If you can't switch well, try making a little time to focus on anything other than that problem. Take a walk or eat delicious food. There must be a perfect way to relax for me.


-I see.Series004The reason why he always seemed to have plenty of time was because he was good at taking a break. I will practice it too!


So finally, what watch do you want to be?


Series004I want to be a watch that can share fun and relaxing time together. When you wear me, you'll be excited, the fun will be better, and you'll remember the day you enjoyed again. I may laugh, but I want to be a cheerful and smile.


-It's nice.Series004If you are with you, I feel like a lot of fun will happen!


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