[3rd in collaboration with Masaru Suzuki] Agoy joy to enjoy with a watch

The third collaboration watch with Textile Designer Suzuki Masaru who is active in the world! This time, we design a watch that can be enjoyed in pairs. I asked about the appeal of the pair witch and the design of the design.

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The pair watch is just right.

-Suzuki -san, thank you today.

Suzuki:thank you.

Textile designer Masaru Suzuki

-The third of the collaboration watches is "pair". We have designed a pair watch of all four types. Does Suzuki enjoy paired things?

Suzuki:I feel shy to enjoy fashion in pairs. However, when I received the order of the pair witch, I felt like I could easily enjoy the match if it was a watch.


Suzuki:I think pairs have a sense of solidarity and joy that only those people can understand, and many people yearn for such a connection. But the clothes are a little high, so many people can't step into enjoying something in a pair? I think. However, it is not so noticeable for watches, so I think it is the right item that you can enjoy casually.

―If you are not used to paired things, it seems easy to adopt if you are a wristwatch.

Suzuki:I would be glad if you could feel the joy and warmth created by pairing with various people, such as parents and children, couples, and friends, in the wake of this watch.


Plus playfulness to universal design

-Do you have any conscious points when designing a pair witch?

Suzuki:I was conscious of the design that triggered communication. In today's world, most people do the time to confirm the time on a smartphone. That's why I wanted to add fun to the clock itself, not a watch as a function. Therefore, this time, I was conscious of the design that makes you feel playful, centered on the universal pattern of floral and border patterns.

-What is playfulness?

Suzuki:The border pattern is a snake as a motif. If you look closely, a snake face is designed on the dial and belt part.

-Is true! The expression that opened the mouth was cute.

Suzuki:The floral pattern is finished in a design that scaled out so that it can be seen that it is the last flower. By abstracting, I wonder if the viewer can enjoy various designs. In addition, enhancing the color is emphasized by enlarging the pattern, creating an impact.

-The flower pattern is a cute theme, but by abstracting it, it is not too cute in a good way, or it is a design that can be learned fashionably even by adults.

Suzuki:I want adults to wear it. Also, if a beautiful color jumps into your eyes, you will feel better. I hope this watch will be one of the changes.


Easy -to -see & fun number design

-Are there any points that you were particularly particular about in this collaborationow touch?

Suzuki:This time, I was mainly thinking about wearing it with a parent -child pair, so I was conscious of the font design that is easy to read for children.

Left: 2nd Collaboration Ochi
Right: 3rd collaboration Ochi

-While the second collaborationow touch is more designed, this time the character abstraction is low.

Suzuki:While I was aware that anyone could see it as a number, I tried to make it an interesting shape as a design. This time, the numbers are composed only by round and straight, and the whole is unified. For example, the shape of the 10 and 3 circles is the same, and the thickness of the linear is aligned, and the visibility is maintained, and the number design is made like a pattern.

-It's a fun design where you can feel the movement!

Suzuki:The number of designers is already made by various designers, so it is a genre that is difficult to get originality. I was worried many times, but I think I was able to design a number with an atmosphere after trial and error.

-It's nice. Finally, please give a message to those who are looking forward to this collaboration.

Suzuki:I think the watch is an easy -to -pair item. Even if you think that the pair is somewhat embarrassing, I would like you to enjoy the joy of wearing it together with the important people. Of course, it is also recommended to enjoy it individually. Choose your favorite pattern and color and incorporate it into your daily coordination.


in conclusion

The third of the collaboration ghosts designed by Masaru Suzuki has been released. A pair watch full of playful colors. Please enjoy the match with parents and children, couples and friends!

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