[2nd collaboration in collaboration] Cream soda motif refreshing wristwatch

The second collaboration with "traveling cafes" traveling around the country based in Koenji, Tokyo! Watches that are perfect for summer with a refreshing cream soda motif are more powerful and look. Here, the "travel cafe" shopkeeper and cream soda craftsmantsunekawaI heard about the thoughts and commitments in the design.

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The second theme is "Beautiful moment"

tsunekawaIt's been a long time! The second of the "travel cafe" collaboration will be released! First of all, how about looking back on the first bullet?

Cream soda craftsmantsunekawa()tsunekawaMr. Miss):It was a challenge for me to express cream soda in a product that has a restriction of watches. I think that the first installment of trial and error was well reflected in the cream soda worldview created by the "travel cafe". The customers who purchased the purchased were happy, such as "design that is easy to wear."

tsunekawaYou express the sky and landscapes you meet while traveling with cream soda. Last time, he said that he wanted to convey the preciousness of "time" under the theme of "sky". What kind of theme was the second installment?

tsunekawaMr. Miss:The desire to convey the irreplaceable time is the same. Among them, this time, I set the theme of the "beautiful moment" I met while traveling.

-What is a beautiful moment?

tsunekawaMr. Miss:It is a fantastic light that reflects on the fantastic light and the water surface that is inserted from between trees. This time, I want to create a wristwatch that can be chopped with such a beautiful moment, a moment of shine in the flowing time.

-And here is the completed clock.

tsunekawaMr. Miss:This time, "Genusui" and "Asanagi"2We have prepared a variety of designs.

"Genusui" is a motif of a refreshing green cream soda made in the image of the sunbeams.

―The leaves of the gently shining trees are remembered in the sun of the sun.


tsunekawaMr. Miss:"Asanagi" is a motif of Mizuiro's cream soda made with the image of glittering light on the calm sea surface of the sea.

-it's very beautiful.

tsunekawaMr. Miss:These landscapes are the moment when your heart is calm while traveling. I would be happy if I felt such a landscape and moment through the clock, and my heart would be relieved.


A discerning transparency that expresses the sizzle of cream soda

-Please tell us about the second design.

tsunekawaMr. Miss:This time, "Genusui" Midoriiro and "Asanagi" Mizuiro2Color development. The transparency of the dial is improved, and the refreshing sizzle of the cream soda is expressed. The second hand was used as the same as the previous time, and was imagined a cherry that was attached to the cream soda.

-Isn't it difficult to express this transparency?

tsunekawaMr. Miss:Yeah. As the transparency increased, it could be too transparent, so I struggled to adjust the contrast. I was aware of the lighting at the time of shooting, and the photos I took were adjusted so that I could feel the glitter of ice and the bubbles of the soda.


-Please tell us your impressions when you actually saw the finished product.

tsunekawaMr. Miss:I was impressed. The first one is my favorite, but I was glad that the first installment was realized in the second installment. I'm thrilled from now on how much you can feel this difference, but I'm looking forward to the show!


―What kind of scene or feeling do you want to wear each watch?

tsunekawaMr. Miss:Q & Q smilesolar's watch itself is very light, durable and water resistant, so I want you to wear it in various everyday scenes. The price is reasonable, and I want you to enjoy the replacement at that time.

-There is a natural design that does not push too much cream soda feeling, so it seems easy to match with various fashion regardless of gender.tsunekawaIs there a recommended way to match?

tsunekawaMr. Miss:White shirtsTIf you match it with a shirt, the clock will stand out and will be a good accent.

-It will be a refreshing styling that is perfect for summer!

tsunekawaMr. Miss:It is also recommended not only as a fashion item but also as an interior. I am decorating the work desk. Just looking at it, you can remember the scenery of the trip and feel calm. You can also feel cool.

-It's nice. Finally, please give a message to the customer.

tsunekawaMr. Miss:I am not a watch to check the time, but I want to go on a trip by wearing it. I made it with the hope that it would be a wristwatch that would make such a chance. I would be glad if this watch would be a partner that could easily change your mood for you. It is a design that can be a fashion accent. Please enjoy wearing a watch.

in conclusion

With "travel cafe"Q & Q smilesolarA refreshing wristwatch that is perfect for summer. I would be glad if you could feel the beautiful scenery nearby through this watch. Please enjoy it as well as when you go out.

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