"The world is large and large" The Park SHOP puts in the collaboration watch

The park where various people, from children to adults, are very familiar to our lives. Under the theme of such a park, a lifestyle brand , which develops items such as clothing and miscellaneous goods, collaborates with Q & Q SMILESOLAR watches.
Here, we asked designer Hiroka about the brand and the thoughts of the collaboration watch.

Designer Masae Hiroka

Aiming for a brand with a deep pocket like a park

Mr. Hirooka: is a park -themed lifestyle brand. The reason for setting the park as the theme is the fun and charm of the park, such as the depth of the child to the elderly, and the size of the saucer that accepts various ways of spending various ways such as reading and fantasy, cycling and sports. I noticed. hope that it will be a brand that can be enjoyed freely by children and adults like a park.

Mr. Hirooka:The brand users are families with boys' children. The mini -sized skateboard "PARKBOY SKATEBOARD", which has been making since the beginning, is especially popular. It is designed so that not only children but also adults can enjoy safely, and the load capacity is 90 kg and the bearings are solidified. You can carry it in a tote bag. Some people enjoy it as an interior. In order to have many people touch, we try to design both children and adults.

"The world is wide and big." Feelings in the collaboration watch

Mr. Hirooka:In this collaboration watch, I want to tell you that the world is large and large. In order to convey this, we use various national expressions in the numbers on the dial, or put them on the arrangements that are slightly protruding. From these designs, I would like you to feel that the world is full of individuality, the importance of recognizing its personality, and that each is a shining world.

Mr. Hirooka:Actually, when I was in my 20s, I had been traveling around the world as a backpacker for almost 10 years. At that time, I realized that there were really various races and the world. Thanks to various people and the scenery, I noticed that my field of view was widened and I had an infinite possibility. I would be glad if this collaboration watch triggered the world's size and the infinite possibilities.

The Park SHOP and Q & Q Smilesolar common features

Mr. Hirooka: aims for a wide variety of products like park dealers. Q & Q SMILESOLAR is also collaborating with various artists and brands, and it is a brand with a wide saucer. In that respect, and Q & Q SMILESOLAR are similar.
In addition, Q & Q SMILESOLAR's characteristics of "lightweight", "solar power generation", and "waterproof" are compatible with playing outside, and the affinity with is high. I want you to wear it when you go out to the park. It also matches the wear, so please enjoy the total coordination.

in conclusion

The world is wide and big. The collaboration watch with the , which contains important messages, is a clock for children and adults. Please get it!

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