I want you to enjoy a colorful life [Masaru Suzuki Collaboration 2nd]

Collaboration watches with Textile Designer Suzuki Masaru, who are active in the world, will be released, and the long -awaited second release will be released! This time, two colors, red and yellow, appeared. We talked about the thoughts of colors and motifs and the back of the production.
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Get power in the color. Red and yellow join! !

―Suzuki -san, it's been a long time! Collaboration watchI am looking forward to hearing what kind of production behind the production of the second one will be released. thank you.

Suzuki:thank you.

Textile designer Masaru Suzuki

-The first clock was impressive with a refreshing blue. This is the second one, and two colors, bright red and yellow, join.

1st: Blue
2nd: Red Yellow

Suzuki:When the blue was released, I thought that it would be better to enjoy the combination with clothes if there were other colors, so I would be happy to be able to propose a new color after the release of the second installment.

-Why did you choose Red and Yellow?

Suzuki:The previous blue was a color that relieves my heart, calm down, and makes me feel cool, but this time I chose a color that would enhance my feelings. I think the color has power. I hope that these three -color watches will be a watch that will snuggle up to the desire to "spend time slowly today" or "want to get excited".

-It's nice to be able to choose on that day depending on the mood at that time. Choosing daily styling is going to be fun!

Suzuki:I think the impression of the clothes will change depending on the color you choose. I want you to enjoy the combination of colors and colors. For those who prefer monotone clothes, it is also recommended to take the color casually as one point. I think it will be an accent of coordination.

The motif is Masaru Suzuki's favorite cute four -legged grapes

-The first motif was a bird. How about this time?

Suzuki:This time, I tried to use my favorite four -legged grift as a motif.

―Why that is attracted to four -legged grapes?

Suzuki:I think the four -legged grift is a very familiar shape for us. For example, dogs are happy, angry, have various emotions and feel very familiar. By using such a familiar animal shape for the design, I think it will be easier to convey the power of the color and the power of the color. Also, the form of the four legs is simply cute.

-I see. The yellow motif is designed with a pattern like a vertical, so is the red dog a dog?

Suzuki:Regarding the motif, I would be glad if you could enjoy it as a favorite animal with your free image. For the time being, the yellow was designed with a lion, and the red was a horse, but it could be considered a horse as a dog or cat.
Also, I think there is a potential image for animals. For example, a lion is an animal that symbolizes strength. For that reason, it may be a good idea to wear it on days you want to keep your feelings strong, such as a day with an important presentation.

―The message to your motifs and colors will make your clock look like an amulet. It seems that you can reset your feelings every time you see it.

Design and hard work unique to watches

-Is there any difference between textiles and clocks in design?

Suzuki:Textile designs are freely cut by items such as cushion cover and chairs, so there is no composition. It was difficult to design something that had a limit on the shape like a watch, so it was not found in everyday production.

-So how did you produce?

Suzuki:At first, it was designed according to the shape of the clock, but it didn't work. So, first I draw a picture and cut out the picture into the clock shape. That's why the design of the collaborationow touch is not fit in the clock shape, and the pattern protrudes.

-There is a nice design that does not fit into the mold.

Suzuki:In addition, the material of the clock varies depending on the parts, such as a belt and dial, so the textiles were also difficult in terms of adjusting the color.


Suzuki:I would like to arrange the color because the belt and the pattern of the dial are connected, but the material used in the belt and the dial was different, so it was difficult to print the print. I adjusted it many times here.

-There is a lot of corrections, and it is a color that does not feel uncomfortable.

Suzuki:There was a different difficulty and challenge from textiles, so I enjoyed working.

-I'm looking forward to the release! I think there are many customers looking forward to the second bullet. Please give a message to such customers.

Suzuki:In this series, we design based on the desire to enjoy the color. I realize that there are many works that unconsciously convey colors straight, probably because of the fact that the world has been down due to the epidemic of Coronovirus. Perhaps because of the desire to get power from the color. I hope that you add the power of color to your life and become more gorgeous every day. Please enjoy the three -color clock on that day, depending on the mood at that time.

in conclusion
The second collaboration look designed by Masaru Suzuki will be released on February 17, 2023. In addition to beautiful blue watches, please feel free to change your mood with a red and yellow watch!

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