Is it ○ ○ that entertains the designer who is active in the world? Suzuki Masaru collaboration

Mr. Masaru Suzuki, designing a variety of textiles, based on the feelings of "If you get a little better and feel your mood and color." His brand <Ottaipunu(Otthai Piuine)> and Finnish Long-established Textile Brand <marimekko(Marimekko)>, including various manufacturers in Japan and abroad. Such Suzuki's design is acquired this collaboration watch. In the first part, I introduced my thoughts that I put in the design. The second part is a little deep about Suzuki's own.

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Where do Suzuki-san created by the color or pattern come from?

Just look at it, colorful and vitality full designs that are sunny. Mr. Suzuki's design is a plus and fun to add color to our lives. Such Suzuki will feel fun and pleasure on anything. I heard about the "fun feeling ○ ○" of designers who are active in the world.

Textile Designer Suzuki Masaru


1 What is the "time" that feels fun?

When I was working and received a good sample. The moment "Oh, it was good!" It's full of feeling and impression that I was relieved. This clock is also so. If you look at what was actually completed, I'm glad I'm still. I hope you can likes many people.

2 Fun fun "color"?

While making a blue watch, I personally look at the color of warm color and mood. Even when drawing a sketch, it will be a natural and warm pen. But I prefer a dark color that feels energy basically.


3 Feeling fun "pattern"?

I like big patterns. Even when I first saw the Nordic Textiles Fabric, I was a huge handle that I did not know what is drawn. The designed design feels power and feels very comfortable. Textiles of the old-fashioned pattern are connected to my work now.

4 What is a fun feeling?

I like primitive music and world music, such as drum sound. I often hear when I want to make my feelings in my work.


5 What is a fun feeling?

When I get stuck to my work, I decide to eat delicious rice anyway. Among them, delicious "rice" is quite powerful. When hard, use all the money you have on the spot and eat delicious things. That is my rule.


6 What is a fun feeling?

The best is summer. Because it is not good at cold. But there are many things in the winter environment because they often go to work pattern Europe. Northern Europe's winter is a lot of minus, but one-sine white snow scene is spread and very beautiful. When it comes to winter, it is very important for Northern Europe and work there. I feel like I'm in winter, but I'm not good at cold, so I like summer (laughs)


7 What is fun "fashion"?

After all I would like to wear beautiful colors. If you choose clothes properly and properly, I think it's totally different from yourself, and I think that I would like to act with my intention, and I'm going to incorporate a beautiful color even if I do not overdo it somewhat Is. White and black color fashion like white and black is also nice, but it should change that it is pond with a pounding. I'm glad if I designed the clock I designed like that.

8 What is a fun feeling "book"?

Longing for the West is strong, and I often read Western and overseas magazines. Overseas magazines are still impacted. How to use the color is very beautiful. After that, I don't really need English, so I also like the case where only visual information comes in Pompon or even if I'm reading a magazine.


9 What is a pleasant feeling "place"?

I like houseplants, so I'm very fun to go to a houseplant shop! I have a favorite thing to the office, but if I buy it as a pet, I have to take care of it until the end, so I can not buy a lot. So, I went to the houseplant restaurant regularly and are healed.


10 What is the "promise" that feels fun?

Actually, I am very not good to make a promise and plan. There is almost no future vision. Of course it doesn't mean, but there are many possibilities for those who are not planned. That's why I want to be free as much as possible. Sorry for the end of the last last (laughs) If you're going to wear my watch, do Suzuki says such a thing? I'm glad if you can think.


Finally, we received a message to our customers!

I think some colors don't think that it is difficult to combine with other items. But if you use it, you will fit any one of the things. So I want you to use it without afraid. I think that various things are moving by adding things that have not been incorporated so far, but I think that the sense can be tries easily. I think this watch is acquired and you can enjoy new encounters and yourself.

in conclusion

A collaboration watch was launched by Mr. Masaru Suzuki. Please feel free to change your mood with a beautiful blue watch!

Watch the watch designed by Suzuki Masaru