Try a watch of your mind! ? I started online! Vol.1

everytimeQ & Q SmilesolarI would like you to try various designs more fever more than everyone who enjoys! From such a thought, it is now possible to print the original size paper sample.

"Nice!" What is the size? It is difficult to get the image ... I'm glad if you feel free to print and feel the size of the design and size! Of course, the printer at home is also outputA4Size)!

Cut with scissors along the clock with the printed print.

In fact, it will be wrapped around the wrist and checked the compatibility between size and clothes!

Please use it for reference for your design selection!

This time

Series 004RP10-011

Matching Style 002RP26-009

Mini SeriesRP01J035

Introduce the design of.

The output method is2point

[When printing at home

(1) Download PDF data

             Download PDF

(2) Output with your printer


[Print method in Seven Eleven ▼]

(1) Select "Print" → "Internet Print" from the Seven Eleven Multiciper screen

(2) "Print number (reservation number) [83496597] Enter "

 (3)「A4Size "Full color" Specify and print

※ Printable period:7/6 (Tuesday) 23:59:59to.

※ Copy fee will be borne by the customer.

※ The color taste and size may differ slightly due to the output.