Summer standard! Q & Q A trip to find a T-shirt that looks good for Smilesolar!

Speaking of the standard item of summerTshirt. Here, to explore the possibility of a combination of a watch that suits such summer necessities,Q & Q SmilesolarApply to the watchTTo travel a shirt search. I want to enjoy this summer from old hand shop and select shop in TokyoTWith a shirtQ & Q SmilesolarWe will investigate the combination of watches!


What clock do you match in the unique design T-shirt found in Harajuku?

this time,TThe shop where the shirt has been found is vintage in Harajuku&select shop<bed>. From around the world1point1Pointed old clothes and used them1Limikes of points are aligned. In a single-sided yellow-green store, colorful fashion items are zuri!

Then, as soon as <bedFetched in>TWith a shirtQ & Q SmilesolarCoordinate watches!


Together with the logo point color

First of all, the bandTLimikeTshirt. The short length cut with the hem boldly, and the sleeve part is raced. Cool impression bandTAlso, by adding a race, a lady impression.

SuchTIn the shirt,Q & Q Smilesolar Series 005Match a clockwise clock. Logo colorSeries 005Gold matches and finish in a collectant Corde. Cool and ready feelTShirt ×Q & Q SmilesolarPlease enjoy the combination of.

Watch: Series 005RP18-005

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Leave it, let's unify the color

Continuingly introducing a refreshing lime greenTshirt. Design itself is very simple. Big silhouetteTSo you can enjoy it with Unisex!

SuchTIn the shirt,Q & Q Smilesolar Series 004Choice of green color. Even with "Green × Green", we will work to work with Merihari's work by changing the color! It is the completion of a refreshing summer dress!

Watch: Series 005RP18-005

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Everyone isTDo you enjoy summer Corde with a combination of shirts and watches? Clock also changes with accessories. This summerTPlease enjoy your shirt style, enjoy it.

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