Will it look good for office casual style to blow away the Melancholy of rainy days?

Corner that introduces styling that suits Smile WatchSmile Style". This time, on the theme of "Office Casual of Rainy Day",3Propose of one styling. Now, in the stylist active at the forefront of fashion, I was asked to tell the point of coordination with layered and silhouette.


Rainy day, active style. Playful with a sporty watch!

A rainy day when it wants to stay at home, how long should I add sporty mix items such as polo shirts, sneakers, ruckscaps?

Active, I want to be aware of the styling that is familiar with the office. Therefore, in order to make a sense of feeling properly, pants and shoes choose a dark tone such as black. Even nylon material pants and sneakers, to the impression that tightened by lowering the color tone.

Add to play with hands

The coordinates collected in a calm color, plus the essence of a little bit of play. Blue color sporty impression watches are too flashy while giving a moderate impact. Make a good accent for coordination.

Watch:20BAR seriesRP30-003

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Lilax style plus "feeling relaxed". Watch is a plungey yellow yellow

Subsequently, a long shirt is a thin knit vest combined, and a style that is aware of the "feeling of loose" overall. By incorporating a flared cart with a shirt or lady feeling, while spacious silhouette, it is not a sense of discomfort in the office.

A rainy day with a slippery of the foot is a stable sneaker and put together in a sporty. All-white sneakers apply lightness and cleanliness to wear.

The watch is a yellow color that gives you a merishi to Corde

The watch choses yellow with the best Ivory color. It is a point that can not completely close the color, and by adding bright color, it is finished in a corde with merryhari.

Watch:Series 002RP29-008

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Personality setup that makes sense. Clock also combine tone and collectively

Office style setup setup corde is also designed, and by choosing a big silhouette, fashionUP. It is a setup corde different from usual, and how long to make you feel better.

A spacious casual setup, leather shoes familiar with office style. Don't be too rough and add "sense of sensation" to coordination.


Adjust balance with accessories. The clock is simple black ◎

The hand is simple, and the hand was shaped as well as the design and silhouette. The clock color also chokes black and combines it into a cool impression.

Watch:Mini SeriesRP10-002

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in conclusion

Melancholy rainy days are coordination with clothes and favorite clocks, motivationUPQ & Q SmilesolarWante Corde to propose, please refer to it by all means.

STYLIST:HANA UCHIDAInstagram_hanauchida

Hair & Make Up:Saiko HayashiInstagramSaikoohayashi

※ All except watches are private things of stylist.