Blue watch changes mood! Suzuki Masaru collaboration [Part 1]

Mr. Masaru Suzuki, designing a variety of textiles, based on the feelings of "If you get a little better and feel your mood and color." He's own brand and Finnish's long-established Textile brand , such as various manufacturers from home and abroad. Such Suzuki's design is acquired this collaboration watch. What is designed with one thing? Here, I introduced the design secret story and Mr. Suzuki myself in the front and back ed. First of all, about the design secret story of collaboration watch.

Where do Suzuki-san created by the color or pattern come from?

This time, interviews that disturbances "Suzuki Masaru's Textile Exhibition". The venue with colorful textiles is just a masterpiece. What is Suzuki-san? Looking at the design?

Textile Designer Suzuki Masaru

Mr. Suzuki, thank you very much today. There are a lot of nice textile designs. From the color and pattern, I feel very power

Suzuki:Thank you very much. With the emergency declaration, unfortunately, the holding was canceled, and you could not see you directly, but it was a big confidence that you were filled with such a big place. It was the first time to create a big dough.

- There are a lot of works, but there are no patterns and colors, one as one. What are you inspired from the usual things?

Suzuki:His wife often gets stimulus. Her wife was good at expressing with a lot of colors with a relationship from university. On the other hand, I'm not good at using colors. How do I combine, I can not grasp it.

-Surring is not good.

Suzuki:When I was a student, I was fascinated by the design of , and I'm doing a lot of colors since I liked the world view of Northern Europe, but I'm stimulated daily from my wife's good wife I have received it. My wife is working as a ceramic artist, she is a very challenging person, as opposed to me with conservative me. When I look at her wife, I want to try new things. Now it is really fun to think of what color to use.

-It was a wife who is a source of the colorful world of Suzuki.

 Beautiful colors make people's heart light

-It is actually conservative Suzuki-san, but this collaboration watch is also a bold and bold designed design. What kind of theme was it designed?

Suzuki:I think that it is a role as a clock to know the time, but I designed with the idea that it would be in the presence of "changing people's feelings".


Suzuki:Beautiful colors have the ability to raise human feelings. I believe in the power and make up using various colors.

-The bluish has the thought?

Suzuki:Every time I see this watch, I want you to feel calm and feel cool and feel cool. I decided to design in blue because of such thoughts.

- Certainly, it's too intense and is not too modest. It is a color that feels calm. Are there any messages in the handle?

Suzuki:I am designing a bird's motif. I think that the bird is a motif with transmission power. By acquiring this watch, it would be nice if communication with someone will be born.

-As that you look like it's like it's like. Tiny. The number of dials is also like one handle.

Suzuki:I wondered if I put a number until the end. But I think I'm going to read time when I wear it. I designed as part of a pattern.

-Adding, I think that you usually have a lot of designs in textiles, but have you ever struggled with the design of the watch?

Suzuki:That's not the textile, watches and watches. Solid color and handle, this happened when it cuts it into the form of a watch. About the image. That's why, from any angle, it will be a design that can enjoy various expressions, no matter where you cut out.

-So that's it. The design with the band and the dial is also unusual.

Suzuki:I agree. This clock seemed to think that all the clocks as a campus, isolated and unexpectedly connected and designed to think that it is likely to be interesting.

-When this watch looks good for what scene?

Suzuki:I want you to use it freely in your business scene. I think this watch is at the suit, it is good to be accented. Also, if you are usually dressed in basic colors, you are also recommended for those who want to enjoy colorful fashion. It is easy to challenge if it is hand.

So far, I heard about the feelings of design secret talks and Mr. Suzuki. In the second part, Mr. Suzuki's a little deep digging! It is a design of Mr. Suzuki, who is excited just by looking at it, but Suzuki Himo Homoto does not feel unexpectedly fun? Get 10 questions!

in conclusion

A collaboration watch was launched by Mr. Masaru Suzuki. Please feel free to change your mood with a beautiful blue watch!
In the second part, Suzuki-san will deepen yourself! looking forward to!

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