[QQ communication in July] Clock that boosts active summer

Hello everyone! QQ communication. Kanto is completely after the rainy season. The summer days will continue. This year, you will enjoy the summer, such as the sea, the pool, the camp, and the festival! For those who are enthusiastic, the Instagram of Q & Q SMILESOLAR in July will introduce a watch that "boosts active summer". Here, only a small part of this month's post is shown!

Smile for summer out!

| Watch that you want to match with summer dress

In order to improve the feeling of going out in summer, fashion items such as clothes and watches are also summer! Series 004's cobalt blue and Papier Tigre Collaboration Watch were selected according to the light blue dress. LE ROSE ".

A cobalt blue of Series 004 that brightly color your hand. A refreshing summer color creates a cool hand.

PAPIER TIGRE COLLATION "Watch Le Rose" is a watch designed in the image of weaving. With a playful design, it seems to support the excitement of summer!

Where do you want to spend the summer this summer?
Please wear Q & Q Smilesolar watches and enjoy fashion.

Other watches that support the active summer!

| 01 Bright at hand like the sun

A 20 -bar Series orange watch that colores your hand with a color full of energy like the summer sun. Add an accent to the outfit with the impact without accessories!

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| 02 Add a cool impression!

Cobalt blue of Series 004 that gives a refreshing coordination. The all -blue design is fashionable. I don't want to wear it! Recommended for people ◎

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| 03 Directing an impressive hand while making it small

The tomato red of Matching Style Series 002 is a fresh red color like a freshly picked tomato! Because it is a bright color, it is a small size, but it will color your hand impressively.

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| 04 Exciting design

The Papier Tigre Collaboration Watch "LE ROSE" is a playful design that resembles weaving. There is no doubt that you will feel better just by wearing it!

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| 05 I want to wear it together with parents and children and family!

Disney Collection Mickey is a design that you want to wear together with parents and children and the whole family. Mickey's arm, which is a timp hand and a minute hand, will tell you the time. With a cute design, children are likely to smile.

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in conclusion

Wear a watch that boosts the active summer, such as a color -filled color watch and a playful clock that enhances the excitement of summer, and enjoy this summer as much as you want.

Please check out the Instagram post in July.
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