"Travel Cafe" collaboration: The refreshing watch is completed this summer.

The collaboration this time is a cream soda for traveling cafes traveling around the country based in Koenji, Tokyo. TSUNEKAWA, the owner of the shopkeeper, challenged the development of a collaboration watch. A refreshing clock that is perfect for hot summer! I asked tsunekawa about the commitment point.

Common points between cream soda and Q & Q & Q & Q smilesolar

―First of all, let everyone know about cream soda craftsman TSUNEKAWA. TSUNEKAWA, please introduce yourself.

Cream Soda craftsman TSUNEKAWA (hereinafter TSUNEKAWA):Hello everyone. This is TSUNEKAWA, a cream soda craftsman. Based in Koenji, Tokyo, we operate a coffee shop called “traveling cafes” while traveling around the country. There are more than 100 types of original cream soda we have made so far. Inspired by the sky and scenery seen on the destination, I am making cream soda using local ingredients.

Travel cafe / cream soda craftsman TSUNEKAWA

―SNS has posted various cream soda that has been created so far. There were various cream soda and I was surprised at the rich variations.

TSUNEKAWA:Most of the cream soda is the image of green, but cream soda is more free than expected. Mix the color of the syrup or use homemade fruit syrup. The back is deep and interesting.

-The world of cream soda in me has spread greatly. Why did TSUNEKAWA become a cream soda craftsman?

TSUNEKAWA:I love cream soda and travel. I felt like the color of the sky and the landscape I met and met with a transparent cream soda, so I wanted to express the scenery of the trip with cream soda. Then I made a cream soda and posted it to SNS. As I continued, the number of people who was interested and I myself started working under the name of a cream soda craftsman.

-You started from a hobby at first. This time, I collaborated with Q & Q SMILESOLAR, how was it?

TSUNEKAWA:I was really happy when I heard it. At first glance, cream soda and watch seem to have nothing to do, but for me there is something that can be used.


TSUNEKAWA:In the "travel cafe", I want to provide "time" that can only be tasted in that place through cream soda. But I don't think coffee shops and cream soda are directly directly to convey the importance of time and love. The clock can convey the clear concept of "time" straight. By collaborating with the watch what I wanted to convey all the time, I thought that it could be visualized and conveyed well.

―It was the theme of “time”.

TSUNEKAWA:Waiting for cream soda, time to eat while talking to someone, time to spend at a coffee shop. I want to create such an irreplaceable time. I would like to be conveyed by collaborating with that feeling with Q & Q SMILESOLAR.


To express the transparency of cream soda ...

―It it took about a year from the request for the collaboration to the completion.

TSUNEKAWA:Yeah. There were various restrictions on the fact that it was stored in a wristwatch product. The degree of perfection as a wristwatch was also important, and the key was how much the charm unique to cream soda could be expressed.

-What is the unique charm of cream soda that tsunekawa thinks?

TSUNEKAWA:After all it is transparent and color. It was hard to fit this point well on watches. For example, dial. I used a camera with a camera with a camera, but it was not transparent, but I had a few prototypes how to make it transparent.

State of sample check

TSUNEKAWA:Every time the sample came up, I was impressed by the high quality.

-You have a sense of transparency. Just looking at it makes you feel cool. This collaboration watch has two types of designs.

TSUNEKAWA:Yeah. It is a light blue "Hakuhekisora" and a dark blue "Gekkouai".

-It is a nice name. So where are the most commitment points?

TSUNEKAWA:It is a simple design. When I collaborate, I often receive a request for "cute", but in this collaboration, I finished it as simple as possible. I think that the transparency is more prominent by making it simple. In addition, the second hand is reddish cherries to get cream soda as a coloring.

-It's a nice idea! The casual cream soda feeling is cute. "Hakuhekisora" has a message "Under the Same Sky".

TSUNEKAWA:Since it is a model of "sky", I put it in with the meaning of "connected under the same sky".

―It's a wonderful message. TSUNEKAWA himself, what kind of scene and fashion do you want to use this watch?

TSUNEKAWA:I want to enjoy it as an interior of the room as well as wearing it. I think that the room looks beautiful because it looks beautiful. In addition, I want to simply combine fashion with plain white T.

-So, please give a message to the fans who are looking forward to the collaboration watch at the end.

TSUNEKAWA:Outing time, time to spend with someone. I would be glad if you could wear a collaboration watch at that time and spend your days while feeling the time.

in conclusion

A refreshing watch perfect for this summer. Please go out, coordinate, and enjoy it in your house. Release is scheduled for 2022/7/28 (Thursday)! looking forward to!


See the product page of the "travel cafe" collaboration model