The long -awaited second bullet! This PAPIER TIGRE collaboration is even more playful

Papier Tigre, a France -born stationary brand. The second collaboration has been realized since last year! How are you particular about this collaboration watch? The playful idea is scales from the eyes. Here, I asked the designer about the collaboration watch.

To enjoy Papie Tigre collaboration more

Q. What is the theme of collaboration watch?

This project was very popular last time. This is the second one, so that everyone can be even more pleased
I decided to choose from the popular design.
"LE BLEU" and "Le Rose" are used because they are designed to match the clock and designs that you want to wear.



Both are in a series that is based on the theme of "Ob Art", "Le BLEU" is a design that imagines artworks that incorporate movement, and "LE ROSE" is a design that imagines woven. I am.
Isn't it worthy of the design of the clock, such as "time movements" and "time to overlap".

Q. What are your commitment to design?

The first installment was designed with a clock as a stationery from the idea of ​​"winding" such as masking tape. On the other hand, this time, it is a design that is conscious as "what to wear".
While claiming as an accent of coordination, it was designed to fit the whole body with a slightly suppressed color.

Q. What kind of fashion do you combine this collaboration watch?

With "Le Blue", I think it's wonderful to match the suit. You need a little playfulness in the business scene.

For "LE ROSE", simply combine it with white T. It is also recommended to enjoy it with accessories.

Q. This is a collaboration watch that can easily change your mood.

There are a big change of mood on holidays and a little casual change to do everyday, but if you are a big one, go on a journey. I can't go too far these days, but I love putting myself in nature even close.
If you are a smaller, brew tea. Whether you are coffee or tea, you can brew tea, matcha, Chinese tea, and tea according to the mood of the day. If you dare to take time, and if you are matcha, you can enjoy the tea time carefully and slowly from the place where tea is filtered and put in the juice.

Q. Finally, please give a message to your fans.

We value the playfulness and practicality, and design for such a fun faprodact. The second collaboration watch, which is the second installment, has been a fun watch.
I would be glad if you could have a fun feeling with our design.


in conclusion
The collaboration watch with Papier Tigre will be released on July 6! Please get a watch with a design accent of coordination. If there is a replacement belt, it will be even more fun. Please enjoy it with Q & Q Smilesolar's existing watches.

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