"I like" place and time. If you take a break, go to Asakusa. Recommended spots for cookieBoy

Where and what do you spend when you want to take a break? He told me that the refreshing method of icing cookie artist CookieBoy is to do it in Asakusa. So, this time, we will actually experience CookieBoy's refreshing method! I'm excited about what time I can spend.

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If you want to spend a leisurely time, I recommend Asakusa in the morning

The morning of Asakusa, which is less crowded, is different from the bustle of the day. If you want to refresh, we recommend aiming at this time.

Speaking of Asakusa, Sensoji Temple and Kaminarimon! The powerful lanterns and the quaint gate are cool!

Enjoying eating is also the real pleasure of Asakusa Sanpo. A long -established Japanese confectionery shop near Sensoji Temple, Mogmog -Time with one hand with a dorayaki of Kameju!

The plump fabric has an exquisite sweet bean paste! I flattened it.

In a clean place, I feel like my heart is washed in the pinched morning air ...

Finally, spend a relaxing time while looking at the glittering Sumida River.

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In the days when you are not busy, you need a relaxing time. Asakusa Sanpo was pretty refreshed!

Recommended point of COOKIEBOY!

Asakusa is always visited once a month because it is always in the workshop. Old buildings and streets can be fun just to look at them. A place where you will not get tired of drinking coffee at a coffee shop, drinking coffee at a coffee shop. It is a perfect spot when you want to take a break!