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Q & Q smilesolar clock that can be charged with the sunshine and is light and resistant to water. Surely it will suit people who enjoy life active. So, here, under the theme of "active life", I like going out, I like sports, and to work outside. I decided to bother you for the active life of those people. In addition to being taught about the charm of active life, I also heard the impression of wearing Q & Q SMILESOLAR!

This time, about Hirano's active life, who works for a certain company in Tokyo.


Mr. Hirano usually has many opportunities to work as a sales representative and work while being surrounded by digital equipment. This time, we talked about the camps that he was crazy about. How is Hirano's active life?

| This “troublesomeness” is good

Hirano:I started camping about two years ago. When I was unable to travel because of the colon virus, I looked as an activity that I could enjoy while keeping a distance from people.

It was hard to set up a tent and prepare for meals. It is often inconvenient and troublesome than everyday life, but now I think this "troublesomeness" is good. Despite the troublesome, you can enjoy the fun and joy of creating from the beginning with your friends, and in such an environment, you will create a different conversation. The rice after preparing and preparing and the beer you drink with them feels even more delicious.

Hirano:And above all, it is good to be able to get away from busy days and society while camping. When doing business, there are many opportunities to communicate with people, and there are many situations where you need to be careful. The time to be healed naturally is very valuable, and it is a highlight.

Comfortable "analog feeling"

Finally, I heard the impression of using Q & Q Smilesolar.

Hirano:On the day of camping, I want to forget my work as much as possible, so I try to digital digital detox as much as possible from convenient electronic devices such as smartphones and smartwatches. In that regard, Q & Q SMILESOLAR is a perfect analog clock with a small amount of information.

Hirano:I also liked the light and resistant to water. There are many situations where you use water when you are camping, so you can save the trouble of removing each time, and the price is affordable at 5,000 yen, so I am glad that you can use it without worrying. I would also recommend it for camping friends!

See the wristwatch worn by Hirano

in conclusion
What kind of active life do you enjoy? Why don't you add a free clock Q & Q Smilesolar every day that is light, resistant to water and can be charged with sunlight?

By the way, what kind of active life can you meet next time? looking forward to!