Go to a natural place to do yourself-Everyone's Active Life-

Charge with sun light, light and strong in waterQ & Q SmilesolarClock. I should surely look for people who enjoy life activities. That's why I like to go out, like to go out, like "active life", like sport, like to work outside. In the active life of such people, just a little bit of a little bit. I will tell you about the attractiveness of the active life,Q & Q SmilesolarI also heard that I tried to wear it!

On the first time, about the active life of Ueno-san, who is active as a food coordinator.

Food Coordinator Ueno

Usually, we are planning and holding food events including menu development of sweets and rice.

Photos are cooked with the theme of "rewards". Recipes are sent out in SNS, and the feelings are intended to be tired or tomorrow's vitality.

Color vegetable salad (Kale and strawberry and snap pea)

Oshijiki and salted salt steamed chicken wisabi

Cummin mayonnaise of spring cabbage and wood ears and rape blossoms stir-fry


How is such Ueno's active life?

-What if you're breathed, go to a little green place

Ueno:Usually, I am working around Tokyo as a food coordinator, but if I am in the city, there are many information about people and noise, and the eyes dive in my eyes, and it may be a bit breath. At that time, I am making my feet to a green, natural rich place and refresh. Visiting the agriculture in Chiba Prefecture and the farm.

Miho and Yusuke of Hagi and Farm
Experimentally, vegetables and rice are raised with no pesticide-free chemical fertilizer.

Ueno:Hagigi and farms are allowed to assist in rice planting and fields. It is very fun to grow rice and vegetables while sweating with their own power without relying on pesticides and opportunities in a way that does not pay attention to people and the environment, but it is very fun to grow rice and vegetables.

This time, I challenged the bowl of the butter nut pumpkin seedlings.

It seems that the size of the bowl should be grown slightly and gradually closer to the soil soil. There is also a need to grow with the time and effort.

If the soil is dry, I will give water. Harvesting is 2 months from here. I am looking forward to it from now!

Ueno:When I touch the soil and crops after a long time, I feel very comfortable and I can get well from my heart when I take a lot of my body! Field work, fancy. Tired hearts can be refreshed in a sense that can not feel in your daily life. If you do not go as expected in everyday life, looking at the fully grown figure of the crops of the field grew up in a tough environment, I will do our best! You can get courage.


-Titch watches on / off.

Finally, I asked what I tried using Q & Q Smilesolar.

Ueno-san: I learned the watch of Q & Q Smilesolar this time for the first time, but I was surprised at the large number of designs. "Because there is a wealth of design, it was recommended to have a plurality of things and enjoying it," I tried using three. There was no sense of choosing a clock according to the mood and fashion of the day until now, so there was a fresh, fun, and new discoveries.
I think that I want to turn on and off by changing the clock and the body so that I go back and forth and balance the mind and body.

Also, it is also attractive that "water resistant". Because there are many work pattern water, I'm glad to be able to wear without worrying about removing and detachment. It is perfect at the time of field work!

in conclusion

What active life do you enjoy? It would be nice if you plus free watch Q & Q Smilesolar, which can be charged with light and water strongly with sunlight.
Well, what kind of active life can you meet next time .... looking forward to!

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